One of the best board games in this era is Checkers. It is always difficult to leave the game when it’s time to go home. But what if you can play it online at the comfort of your own house. Classic board games are still one of the most played games in the century. And at the time of online games, you don’t have to miss checkers. Now you can openly play checkers with your best friends on your computer or device. Whenever you feel like playing checkers, you just have to open your laptop and click on the website bar. You can play checkers online on the website that is available on a web browser.

Online Checkers:

A square board used for checkers is the essential portrayal of the game. To play the same game online, you just have to open any browser and website. Two-player games are usually played with a lot of concentration. 64 squares can make a big difference in your game.

If you have played board games offline, you already know how to play checkers. But if you are here because of the popularity of the game and want to learn it, then you are at the right place. This is a board game played between two players. Both the players start their game with the twelve pieces. The first move is always done by the player who has white pieces. There are normal pieces that are played along the diagonal towards the opposite side. Since Kings are the greatest, they can move anywhere. You can jump over the opponent’s piece to remove it out of the game. Jumping to the next diagonal square is not a tedious task. It just has to be empty. You can execute in a single turn if you are allowed to have more than one jump in that turn. If you can reach the last row in the opponent’s last row, a piece will become king. When all pieces or ones are over, the game ends.

Checkers Rules:

If you want to learn to play checkers online, you should know the rules that are to be followed during the game. Even 3000 BC, classic board games were played. Despite being so old, they are still fun yet easy. Draughts is another name for checkers in England. You will find different variations all around the world. An eight-by-eight chequered board is a chessboard. But you can play checkers online too. It is advised that you must double up checkers diagonally to avoid being jumped on. Your checkers should get kinged as early as possible. This helps you move freely across the board. Two-person checkers is advisable to be played as a beginner. You can ask your family member or one of your friends to accompany you.

How To Play Checkers Online:

If you are new to online checkers, you must follow this guide to play.

1. Choose someone to play with you.

2. Select a piece by pressing on it. You will be displayed with options like jump or move. You can choose one of the options that are helpful for you to win.

3. Pieces are to be kept doubled up in the diagonal. This will block the opponent’s jumps.

4. You can get your pieces promoted to become kings. This will help them move forward as well as backward.

5. Trap your opponent to jump double or triple.

6. Try not to get stuck by using the side of the board.

Features Of Checkers Online:

1. There are some difficulties to play checkers added by the site so that you can enjoy it more.

2. In two-player checkers, you can pass as well as play.

3. There are different board sizes available. They can be 12×12, 10×10, and 8×8.

4. Board themes – four different varieties

5. Use the hint and undo feature if you feel stuck

6. Tournament style also have forced jumps

7. The game is saved automatically if it is left unfinished


The dark squares are for the diagonal moves of the pieces. Light squares are not recommended to be used. Initial pieces can only be moved forward for obvious reasons. You must take them behind only if your opponent’s piece is going to put it in danger. you can not occupy the space occupied by another piece. Do not miss an opportunity to jump over your opponent’s piece if you capture it. You can capture as many pieces as you can in one turn.

You have to keep moving across the board until your piece reaches the last row. Once you reach the opponent’s side, your piece will be called king. King will be able to move in directions such as forward and backwards. This increases its power thereby helping him win the game. But there are some restrictions to the king too.

The king is allowed to jump over a single piece in a single move. You need to wait for the next move for jumping over some other piece nearby. Whenever you jump over the opponent, decide the moves beforehand. If you can see that you can make two different moves, choose one. You can cover anyone’s moves.

Winning the Game:

People often say that it needs gut to play checkers online. But, it is all about strategies. The ultimate goal of each strategy should be ending the game. You can end the checkers in four different ways-

1. Losing all the pieces costs the player loses the game.

2. If your opponent is out of moves, it is assumed that all his pieces are blocked. Since he cannot play any further, he loses.

3. If you come across the same situation three times in a row without any piece getting lost, it is said that the game has ended with a draw. In this situation, you will often see two pieces trying to capture each other but never going to do it.

4. More than a hundred moves without capturing any piece is considered a draw.

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