Power BI Career Opportunities-Everyone Need to Know


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Data analysis has become a crucial step in decision making, and Power BI has made this process efficient and accurate with its user-friendly tools. Since 17,393 companies use Microsoft Power BI as their Business Intelligence software as of 2019 and have continued to rise, the demand for professionals with the relevant skills and a Power BI certification is automatically increasing.

Power BI constitutes a collection of Business Intelligence tools used to transform raw data into meaningful insights, which can drive and guide profitable business actions. It is a cloud-based platform capable of consolidating data from varied sources with the help of a variety of in-built processes, architectures, and technologies. 

With the vast amount of data being generated by the consumers of businesses, organizations have begun to prioritize decisions based on historical data analysis, rather than depending on assumptions or instincts. Power BI tools play an important part in the visualization, evaluation, and analysis of the data collected by organizations and creating shareable and informative reports, interactive dashboards, and apps on the basis of those conclusions.

Need For Power BI In Organizations

Data has exceeded oil as the most valuable asset because it helps companies come up with the best business strategies and boost their growth. A wide number of Microsoft courses help train professionals in BI tools as successful businesses prioritize analyzing trends, profits and facts before any formulating actionable decision. This maximizes the company’s profits and reduces any threats. A highly data-driven marketplace has led to data monitoring tools to get a comprehensive understanding of the available data, thereby avoiding rash decisions.

Power BI is a powerful tool for Data Visualization and Business Intelligence because of its positive sales experience and high-level customer satisfaction. Since these tools are being used and developed extensively, lots of professionals seek this Microsoft certification to contribute to building their organization.

Professional Roles Of Power BI Developers

The growth in Business Intelligence among various industries has resulted in a rise in analysts’ jobs in different domains in the current market. Since decision-making and implementation of business operations have become exceedingly complex, organizations are rushing towards technological tools to help them visualize data in real-time and get meaningful business insights. A Power BI course prepares professionals to live up to these rising standards. The following are the primary duties and responsibilities of a Power BI professional:

  • Translating raw data into custom informative visuals and reports.
  • Designing development methodologies and preparing the documentation for the respective projects. 
  • Integrating the informative Power BI reports with other applications or dashboards using embedded analytics tools such as Power BI service or API automation
  • Build analysis services reporting models, and DAX queries on the Power BI desktop.

Career Opportunities

Business intelligence has revolutionized decision-making and implementation in companies to maximize their profits and help their growth. Several big firms and MNCs seek professionals equipped with Power BI training to handle the company’s business analytics. The dependability and ease of Power BI tools and features have made it popular among many big players in different industries. Being certified in these skills will set you apart from other applicants during the hiring process or help you get a salary raise because of your updated skill set.

Power BI skilled professionals are needed to formulate business strategies based on data analysis irrespective of the industry. The salary as a Power BI professional more than makes up for the Power BI certification cost. The software, retail and healthcare industries hire professionals under profiles such as Project Manager, Power BI Developer, Administrator, Consultant or Manager, SQL Server Power BI Developer, and Power BI Semantic Model Developer. 

Possessing a Microsoft Power BI certification is an important step in developing a career in business analytics as Power BI has become a crucial tool in several industries of the world and is not going away in the near future.


The fact that Power BI provides cloud-based tools in an age when most businesses are abandoning on-premise work environments and shifting to cloud platforms indicates that it has a great scope in the years to come. Being a certified Power BI professional will provide you with multiple incentives and build a lucrative, fulfilling career in data analytics. 


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