Which Legal Cases Qualify for Pre-settlement Funding?


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Pre-settlement Funding: If you’re involved in a lawsuit, you may find yourself at a loss for cash. Lawsuits are an expensive process, and if you’re not careful, they can drain your finances. 

Some lawsuits last a long time, as the defendant may drag out the case to bring you to a settlement that’s lower than you deserve. In such cases, you may want to discover if you qualify for pre-settlement funding.

Sometimes, legal funding companies give clients a significant sum to last them through the proceedings until they reach the final settlement. This way, the client can continue to afford their living expenses. 

Several types of cases qualify for this lawsuit advance. To learn if you qualify, check out our guide below!

Types of Cases that Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding

Several types of cases qualify for pre-settlement funding. We’ll list a few of them in this section.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are often top contenders for these funds. People rely on healthcare workers to know their craft to treat their patients’ needs.

But, sometimes doctors can be negligent. If you’ve suffered injuries because of that negligence, you have a valid legal claim for a legal advance.

Slip and Fall Claims

Public and private property owners must ensure their property remains safe for all users. Once again, though, owners can be negligent. They may know about a hazard and leave it there anyway.

If you ran across such a hazard and fell, it may result in significant injuries. In these cases, you may qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance.

Pre-settlement Funding

Workers Issues

Every industry must ensure that its operation is safe for its workers. If you’ve suffered work-related injuries onsite, this qualifies you for a settlement. However, check to ensure your worker’s compensation doesn’t preclude your right to a lawsuit. 

Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents occur by the thousands every year. You can sue for compensation if you suffered an auto accident involving motorcycles, buses, trucks, pedestrians, or bicycles.

Approval Requirements for a Lawsuit Advance

Getting an advance on your lawsuit is different from acquiring lawsuit loans. Companies decide if you qualify for a loan based on your credit and income. Instead, court trial funding companies offer lawsuit funding based on the details of your case. 

Some qualifications include the following:

  • Your attorney must work on a contingency fee basis
  • The maturity of your case
  • You must have sustained compensable injuries or damage
  • You must have a strong case against the other party

If a lawsuit funding company determines you meet these criteria, they’ll likely grant you the advance. This way, you can ensure you have the money you need to get by until the case closes. 

Do You Qualify for Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you fit these criteria, you may qualify for pre-settlement funding. If so, take advantage of that opportunity today! Find a pre-settlement company that will grant you the funds.

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