Preparing For The Microsoft AZ-103 Azure Administrator Exam


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The Microsoft Azure Certifications such as the AZ-103 serve as a lost connection for the people wishing to explore cloud computing fields’ domains. Gone are the days when everyone dreamt of having a career doing menial tasks.

With the rapid increase in technology and everything becoming available online, certification courses have stood out to be an excellent option for students and professionals alike to enrich their skills and boost their careers.

Why Attempt The Microsoft AZ-103 Exam?

The IT sector will always be hunting for newer and more advanced technology. The AZ-103 exam ensures that you always have the upper hand in the field of the ever-busy IT marketplace. As these courses are available online, you can opt for them according to your comforts, keeping in mind the busy daily schedule.

All the aspiring candidates who dream of working in the cloud computing field must obtain this Microsoft Azure Certification as it is the first step towards achieving their dreams.

Microsoft AZ-103 Examination Details

It’s always beneficial to get all the information about the examination which you are about to attempt. So before you start preparing for the AZ-103 test, let’s get to know the basic details about the Microsoft AZ-103 certification exam.

Exam Name- Microsoft Azure Administrator

Exam Code- AZ-103

Exam Prerequisites- NIL

Exam Questions- 40-60 Questions

Exam Fees- USD 165

Exam Language- English

Tips To Prepare For The Exam

  1. Learn & Master The Objectives

It is always advised to completely comprehend all the objectives laid out by Microsoft Azure before starting the course. You can download the exam outline, and the percentage of questions asked from various modules of any Microsoft cloud certifications is available on the official education website of Microsoft itself. You must thoroughly understand every portion of the module to perform well in the examination.

  1. Go For Online Training

The introduction of several online Azure Certification training programs is one of the most compelling and proven ways to prepare. Several online certification websites are more than enough to assist you in preparing for your exam.

For example, Koenig Solutions, a leading IT training expert, employs industry-recognized skilled experts for the proper guidance and has the option of instructor-led training. You get a personalized expert who’ll assist you in your journey. Plus, the flexibility of scheduling your class according to your daily routine is another crucial factor for the emergence of online training.

  1. Make An Effective Study Plan

Keep a checklist to help you in remembering which portions you have finished and which are remaining. Plus, the Microsoft Azure Certification is a new exam. You need to research the books before starting your studies. For working professionals, the most challenging task is managing both professional and personal life, along with studies.

You can take reference from other Azure Certifications as they might contain some similar modules to the AZ-103. It is advised to divide your day into three halves, including your time at work, a break for 45 minutes to have your dinner to revitalize yourself, and one where you can spend time with your books.

3. Take Practice Tests

The final and most crucial step in this Microsoft certification is practice tests, whichboost your confidence and test your ability. When you have completed your entire preparation, you should undertake some mock examinations to test your competence in the exam’s different areas within a fixed time. These practice tests are set in a way similar to the natural exam-like environment.


If you wish to advance your career and are confident enough to pursue your dreams, taking the Microsoft Azure AZ-103 certification will be your golden pass to reach your goal. The Azure certification cost in India is around INR 15,000. Earning AZ-103 certification proves two things.

You have the required skills needed for the job, and two, the will to be responsible for your dreams and goals. Koenig Solutions Microsoft Azure AZ-103 certification course is one of the widely pursued studies. Its expert instructor-led training and hands-on practical labs feature make it an excellent option to begin your journey in this field.

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