Process of Migrating to Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud


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Government Community Cloud (GCC) provided by Microsoft is generally deployed by tribal, federal, state, as well as local government businesses in the USA. It is also used in companies that deal with government data that is needs more precise regulatory requirements. The following is a brief GCC and GCC High guide to understanding the steps of GCC and GCC High Deployment. It consists of what GCC is along with the 2 Government Cloud Environment programs, what all these programs offer, and how government businesses can efficiently deploy them with their workforce. 

Here are the steps of GCC and GCC High Deployment:

1. Estimating organizational requirements and eligibility

GCC or GCC High would not be required by any entity that is a component of or associated with the US government. Knowing the abilities, it offers in addition to regular Office 365 functions is essential to decide if necessary. 

The entity must be classified as a government business before approving the office 365 government community cloud, which includes everything from government businesses to institutions authorized by the state to buy under state agreements. Businesses that handle data that is associated with government regulations are also denied. Ultimately, GCC and GCC High are exclusively available to government clients in the US. 

2. Applying

When a business understands that Office 365 GCC High is best for it, they have to apply to Microsoft as a type-3 business for validation. The process of request is easy: it includes the basic business as well as company details, the website, and the physical address. This provides Microsoft to review the qualification of the business for the bid. 

3. Get to know the Default Security Settings

GCC and GCC High each have their individual compilation of admin and security settings. Knowing these is essential for IT as altering them may have an enormous impact on implementation. This function needs the CTO and IT administration to closely analyze these primary settings, understand why they are installed to that particular default mode, estimate which settings may require changes, and examine how the modifications could influence the service and the organization’s capability to fit regulations and specifications. Modifications to a server and security setting should be performed only after IT administration has achieved this process.

4. Accessing the functionalities for availability 

It is important to realize which applications and features you have access to and which functionalities you have disabled or do not have prior to the start of the implementation process. These modifications can affect daily processes and systems, whether you are transforming an entirely new service or just a different version of Microsoft 365. One of the best methods of preparing and adapting is to estimate the scope of functionalities. You can also use a Cloud Azure Virtual Desktop to increase the productivity of work.

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