Chikkamagaluru: Puneet Rajkumar’s dream was to make a film that would appeal to young people and promote them. His friend and cousin Bharat has teamed up with Puneet on Public TV, saying he likes nature and coffee in Chikmagalur.

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Bharat is the son of Ashwini, uncle of Puneet Rajkumar. Speaking in Estate, a part of Taluk today, Puneet said he likes coffee. He also loved Chikmagalur’s nature. Chikkamaguri was telling me that I should go to the picture place I made at a young age. They love the beauty of nature. Puneeth is a very down-to-earth person. Very Simple. His simplicity does not come to anyone. He was a Meru personality who loved everybody. They love charity. Has done so much. He shared with them that losing them was an insurmountable loss to the country.

His desire was to do cinema that would please people and inspire young people. He loved coffee. You can never forget the way he talked with us when he saw us. His relationship with me was very soulful. He used to come here often. When I went to Bangalore. Was speaking very dearly. Always happy. He often relished the memory of the hill-flower film.

They like the Malnada meal very much. When we arrived here, Malnad was having lunch and being with everyone. When I came to Chikmagalur, I was not going to visit. Even when I come to Chikkamalai come tell me. Monne had also phoned. But, watching TV today is a shock. “I will go to Bangalore tomorrow and get my final darshan,” Bharat told Public TV. 

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