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Over the past few years, both internet and smartphones have become cheaper in India, which has led to the empire of social media and online streaming platforms, but television has not been the same. Still a lot of people is watching television, but the use of radio has been reduced considerably when these advanced technologies come into the market. Now the radios are either only heard while listening to music by people or driving in the car. But these new technologies have also been possible only after the invention of the radio. We will also discuss about “who invented radio?”.


There is no dearth of entertainment in today’s time. Radio technology was initially used by Raheso with the government, but when the technology was a little cheaper, it began to reach the ordinary people.

Earlier, the transistor was used only for broadcasting news, but later it became a source of entertainment. Today’s people will not understand the importance of transistor invention, but if the radio had not been invented at that time, today’s communication system might not have been the same today.

If you don’t know ‘Who invented the radio‘, please read this article.

What is radio?

As soon as we hear the name, the FM pictures are coming to our mind, but in reality they are only an instrument. The radio is technic by which messages are sent from one place to another without wires. All the large communication instruments and equipment of today’s time are also based on radio technology.

In simple language, it is a technology that signals using Radio Waves or communicating with each other.

With today’s advanced radio technology, we can also message lakhs or crores of people through radio waves from a radio station. Radio Waves is a type of electromagnetic waves with a frequency ranging from 30Hz to 300GHz.

Radio waves are generated by a transmitter that is attached to the antenna. The devices receiving these waves are called radio receivers which also have an antenna. Currently, radios are a very high-use modern technology. Radars, radio navigation, remote control, remote sensing, etc. are based on the same.

Radio communication is used in television broadcasts, salesons, two-way radio, wireless networking and satellite communication, etc. The same radio-based radar technology tracks and locates aircraft, ships, spacecraft, missiles, etc.

It leaves waves from the radar’s transmitter, which reflect objects such as aircraft that reveal their exact location. Modern technologies like GPS and VOR, which we use daily, are also based on radio technology.

Who invented the radio?

The radio was invented by Guulielmo Marconi.

The invention of technology has made our lives much easier. The use of radio technology in the country’s defence systems with industries also makes its invention even more important. Many scientists and scholars contribute to today’s full-blown technology.

Even if you try to Google ‘Who Invented Radio‘ You’ll find 3 names Guglielmo Marconi, Reginald Fessenden and William Dubilier as answers. Apart from these, its not known how many intellectuals contribute are in the invention of radio. But the main credit for it’s invention is given to ‘Guglielmo Marconi’.

Guglielmo Marconi (Guilllemo Markoni) is considered to be the main inventor of radio technology. 1880 After the discovery of ‘electromagnetic waves’ by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz in the decade, Gugalmo Markoni was the first person to use this technology to create a successful tool for long-distance communication.

That is why he is considered to be the inventor of the radio. At that time, experts are preparing tools for the study of electromagnetic waves. Guillemo Marconi produced the first successful device.

On December 23, 2014, a Canadian inventor Reginald A. Fessenden successfully sent an audio from a distance of 1.6 kilometers using electromagnetic waves, following the invention of Guillmo Markoni. He became the first person to do so.

Six years later, in 1906, Christmas Eve produced the first public radio. Gradually its use increased and around 1910 this wireless electromagnetic system got the name ‘Radio’.

When was the radio invented?

In the 1880’s, ‘electromagnetic waveform‘ the first consonant of the Devanagari syllabary was invented. This was invented by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. A book was created above it that detailed the electromagnetic waves with the old failed search of the subject and the successful discovery by Hertz.

The book was made by experts from all over the world, including Jagdish Chandra Basu. Basu made so much impact on the book that he created a device based on electromagnetic waves.

During a scientific demonstration, he showed off an hour through electromagnetic waves. At that time it was an incredible thing. This Invention of Marconi even before.

It was only then that Guillmo Marconi invented this. Marconi invented the radio in the 1890s. According to US patent records, ‘Guillmo Marconi invented the radio in 1896’.

This year, he was patented for radio invention. Guillmo Marconi is officially considered the inventor of radio.


Invention of radio is considered to be one of the world’s most important inventions. No scientist can be credited with today’s modern radio system. The history of radio inventions looks a little bigger. James Clerk Maxwell, a British scientist, introduced the invention of radio.

He used to work on electromagnetic waves. He could not give the exact principle of electromagnetic waves. British scientist Oliver Heaviside then pursued the discovery but could not accurately explain electromagnetic waves.

After all, the latter Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Successfully discovered electromagnetic waves. They succeeded in finding answers to key questions associated with electromagnetic waves. After hertz’s discovery, scientists like Jagdish Chandra Basu and Oliver Lodge pursued the discovery.

Finally, in 1896, Guillmo Marconi invented this. Initially, the discovery was used by the armies, but the governments also began to use it because of the fact that the search was proved to be artisans. Many big companies, like the BBC, started using this technology for podcasting.

For the first time in India, radio broadcasts were started from Mumbai in 1920 and this club was developed in Mumbai. In 1923, a major programme was broadcast from radio before the Radio Club of Mumbai. This was followed by the establishment of a broadcasting service from 2 privately owned transmitters in Mumbai and Calcutta in 1927.

In 1930, the transmitters were taken under the control of the government and started broadcasting in the name of ‘Indian Broadcasting Service’, which was later renamed as ‘All India Radio’. After independence, AIR began to advance it. Air offices were built in each city and transitor broadcasts began to reach door-to-door.

What you learned today

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This will also save their time and give them all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want it to be improved, you can write vile comments.

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