Readers sound off on Adams appointees, Columbus Day and Herschel Walker


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Readers sound off on Adams appointees, Manhattan: Mayor Adams was a great choice and I look forward to seeing a huge improvement in our city. His choices of advisors or aides have tarnished his star.

It is possible to question his visits to high-end clubs as guests of the person paying the bills. However, hopefully he will see that it’s not the best image to present those who voted him in.

Bernard was offered a job by Eric. (Shawn Inglima/for New York Daily News

Assess a man by the people he associates with

He also chooses who he invites into his circle of advisors to help him run the vital departments that provide services for so many of our citizens. He appointed his brother Bernard to a high-ranking position, for which he didn’t seem qualified to begin his term. It was a bad start. It was a poor start.

Tiffany Raspberry, who has a history of representing controversial clients in her past, was his choice for chief of staff. This seems to indicate a willingness to work with allies and not just competent doers.

Adams is the mayor. He is allowed to select his inner staff and advisers. The history of leaders that are dominated by yes-men doesn’t suggest a happy ending. “Carl L. Maury

Malverne, L.I. : I read every day in the Voice of the People about how horrible Christopher Columbus was, all the atrocities that he committed, and how we should stop celebrating him. It is absurd to try and retro-reflect on the past using today’s standards. We should be able to recognize Columbus’s exploration achievements and learn from his mistakes. This revisionist history agenda must stop! For all progressives, I have an idea: Instead of judging historical figures according to today’s standards why not focus on holding today’s criminals accountable according to today’s standards? This way, we might be able to enjoy the benefits of a safe and free society. David Kalin

Taxable incoming?

Plainview, L.I. : If Judge sells the ball to him for $2 million, will the person who caught Aaron Judge’s second home run be taxed? The jury has ruled in my favor. Let the Judge make his decision. Frank Mauceri

Asterisk ask

Tivoli (N.Y.): Judge scored his 62nd homer of the season on Oct. 4. The media calls it the highest for an American League hitter. Judge holds the all-time home run record for baseball. Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa hit more, but they cheated. Roger Maris’ 61 home runs were the first of many asterisks to be attached to his record over the next 30 years. Why isn’t an asterisk attached for players who cheat? Why hasn’t the useless commissioner made a statement about this? Let’s face facts: The commissioner has no guts and must go. Any true baseball fan should say Judge is the new MLB home-run king. Marc Savino

No cars or cars

Brooklyn: It seems like there is a conspiracy. The city licenses 1,000 more Ubers to show that electric vehicles are better. But that is confusing because congestion pricing is also being implemented to reduce traffic. This means that more license fees equals higher parking tickets, which in turn equals more money for city and more traffic. Joe There are many

In poor health

Brooklyn: Dr. Donna-Marie Manasseh claims Maimonides Medical Center provides “the very best American medicine” ( “Strengthen don’t destroy, safety-net hospital,” op-ed Oct. 6) This is deeply concerning considering the fact that the hospital is ranked last by U.S. News & World Report in New York. Manasseh’s defenses of safety-net hospitals overlooks the hospital’s growing financial woes as well as legitimate criticisms of neglect, poor care, and conditions for unhappy patients. 

Maimonides CEO was paid more than $3million last year even though the hospital lost more than $145million. Nurses were protesting the severe shortage of staff, calling the conditions “extremely dangerous, even dangerous.” Patients have been left unattended in hot rooms, often because the nurses-to-patients ratio is too high. 

Save Maimonides is a grassroots group representing the diverse communities of southern Brooklyn that wants a reliable and safe hospital. We demand that the DOH immediately install competent, experienced leadership to save Maimonides’ financial collapse. Mendy Reiner is co-chairman of Save Maimonides

International talent

Astoria: This letter is to celebrate the passage of the bipartisan legislation Bridging The Gap for New Americans through Congress. This groundbreaking law will allow immigrants and refugees with special training and experience to participate fully in the economy and their local communities.

As a member the Upwardly Global leadership council in New York I know firsthand the difficulties that professionals with international degrees in highly-demand fields such as medicine, engineering, and IT face when applying for employment in the U.S. This legislation will fill in the gaps in New York. This legislation will fill in the gaps across New York.

Take a hike, Walker

Ozone Park: This great running back cannot run from his past ( ‘Walker abort flap, Oct. 5). His son publicly criticized him. Are these the best Republicans have to offer? He should be back on the sidelines. Ray Hackinson

Values compromised

Howard Beach: Newt Greenrich supported Herschel Walker because Walker suffered from a lot of brain injuries, but has a strong commitment to Christ. Also, don’t forget that Walker threatened and assaulted his ex-wife and had at least three to four children with her. He is also being accused of having paid for the abortion of his ex-girlfriend. Trump allowed Republicans to consider Walker as a candidate. The Republican Party is now dead. Barbara Berg

Recognize them

Brooklyn: To Voicer Joseph Valente It is not the woke crowd who fly Confederate flags or embrace insane QAnon conspiracy ideas about a “Deep State,” controlled by progressive pedophiles, who drink the blood from slain infants. No, Mr. Valente. The responsibility for this nation’s deep polarization does not rest solely with the left. Dennis Middlebrooks

The obvious loser

West Columbia, S.C. – Voicer Fred Schoeneborn wrote a letter claiming Voicer MaryAlice Samboy “forgot” that she had accused Donald Trump of taking the 2016 election. Given that Hillary Clinton won 3,000,000 more votes than Trump and that the Electoral College was easier to influence than general voting, I believe Trump didn’t win. But Clinton accepted the result, and Trump was elected president. 

Trump insists that he was cheated in 2020. He has many Republican backers who have remained steadfast to his Big Lie. Clinton won the popular vote. Biden won the popular vote as well as the Electoral College. Trump lost and, if he decides to run again for the presidency, he will lose (unless his friends at the Supreme Court declare him the winner). Carol Robinson

Insert with illustrations

Ossining (N.Y.) It was so disappointing to discover my Daily News copy last Wednesday morning without the comics or the puzzles page. I enjoy reading several comics and doing the Jumble. It would be great if you could create a special section of comics with some of your favorite comics, like Dick Tracy, Brenda Star and Beetle Bailey. Barbara Bethea

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