Rebel Betting – Can You Trust the Software?


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There are a wide variety of different bet software packages available to bet on horses, with one of the most popular being Betting exchange (BET). It’s one of the industry leaders in sports betting systems and is used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The Betting Exchange was first developed for the online gaming industry and has continued to gain popularity because of its easy-to-use interface and ability to place bets quickly and easily from any location. However, it isn’t just the ease of use that makes it so popular, there are also a number of unique features that make using it more exciting than many other betting systems.

For instance, some horse racing systems will let you specify how much you’re willing to wager on each race. These types of betting strategies are called value bets and they vary widely in complexity. Some will let you wager as little as a penny, while others will let you stake thousands of pounds. For bettors who are looking to sharpen their skills on a variety of horses at a lower level, or to simply enjoy themselves when participating in the horse races, these types of systems might be best for you. The great thing about value betting strategies is that they can still be very profitable if you know how to implement them correctly.

A good value bet finder will allow you to make fast, easy and money. When most bettors hear that a mathematical edge exists in the betting world, their first reaction may be to scoff. This is because most people still believe there is an invisible line running across the betting cards that describes the likelihood of one horse winning over another. While this is partially true, it doesn’t tell you everything, especially about the card you’re betting on.

You see, there’s a difference between the odds and the profitability of a bet. A mathematical edge exists because there is an overall average value that can be calculated to determine the probability that one team will win over another. However, a value bets finder can help you identify the most profitable stakes for any given race by using the Kelly Criteria.

The Kelly Criteria

The Kelly Criteria is the odds on the bets that bookmakers use to compute the odds for each race. They are extremely specific in how they come up with their calculations and are based on statistics and previous performances for particular horses. As far as how the odds are assigned, it’s just common sense that the more experienced bookmakers get the newer, more inexperienced bookmakers lose money. Therefore, by learning how to identify the best bets, you can reduce the amount of money lost by the better bookmakers and increase your chances of making money from those bet types that don’t have such a large mathematical edge.

So how do you figure out what the odds for each race are? This is simple. The Kelly Criteria was devised by a statistician named Bill James and published in the journal Sports Illustrated in 1980. There are many different versions of the Criteria, but basically they all have the same idea. For example, the best three lines from the best three bookmakers will have the best chances of winning for each horse. Using the value finder, it is easy to figure out how likely different lines from different bookmakers are to come up with a profit.

How does the value finder work? It works exactly like a spread betting program, but instead of carrying actual money from one set to the next, it uses the value of information that each bookmaker has about each racetrack. In other words, a value sure bet software allows you to look at the odds posted by different bookmakers and choose your best bets based on the likelihood that you think each particular bet will pay off. Best of all, the value finder doesn’t carry any actual bets with it. It’s all data that you collect with your bet-specific value finder software.

Closing Notes

Now that you know how the value software works, it’s time to learn about the main claims of Rebelbetting. First, it does not make any type of guarantees or even guarantees that you will win any particular amount you put into it. What it does do, however, is ensure that your odds are the best that they can be and that you are more likely to get a profit than you would be if you were to just lay down a bet blindly. In that respect, it is no different than any other bet finding program that you might use.

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