Red Lips: 5 Tips For Red Lips


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Red is a timeless, iconic shade of lipstick that can be used to accent any outfit, no matter if it’s a little black dress with curls, or a messy bun with jeans. Bright red lipstick is not a statement on the red carpet, or for party looks. If worn correctly, it can be paired with any outfit, whether for a business meeting or casual outing.

It can be difficult to pull off red lipstick flawlessly, especially for beginners. Here are some tips to help you get red lips.

#1. Choose your texture

You should know which type of lipstick you prefer – liquid or cream. There are many types of lipsticks, from sheer to matte to glossy, and even matte to matte. Your lipstick texture is crucial in elevating your look. You don’t want your lips looking sloppy or overdone with shiny lips.

Matte lips can be paired with almost any look. Before you choose the shade that suits your lips best, make sure to check the compatibility of the lipstick with your skin.

#2. Select the perfect shade of red

Choose a shade that complements your skin tone.

* Light skin tones:

Blue-based cool undertones such as berry or burgundy are available. You can also choose fiery red-orange shades if you prefer a warmer shade. You can match your skin tone with Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick – Sirens in Scarlet and Craving Coral. This will give your lips a vibrant pop of color and enhance your natural glow.

* Medium to dusky skin tone

Your unique look will be highlighted by slightly darker shades that have blue- or pink undertones. You can choose shades such as oxblood, rich undertones like orange, gold, and apricot if you prefer warmer tones. With shades such as Settle For More, you can stand out and steal the limelight with the Maybelline Lipstick collection.

* Deep skin tones:

Avoid matte lipsticks with white-base red lipsticks as they can cause your lips to look chalky. You should choose purples, wine, and chocolate brown-red shades such as Voyager from Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick collection. This complexion works well with warmer, brick-toned colors with a hint of orange-red.

Use the Maybelline Virtual Try On Tool to explore different shades of red before you make your decision. With the Virtual Try On tool, you can experiment with various red lipstick shades in real-time without any commitment. This is exactly what you need with so many shades.

5 Tips For Red Lips

#3. Prepare your lips

Lips that are dry and chapped are not a good idea! Exfoliating is the key to soft and flawless lips. This helps to plump your lips. To remove flaky skin, use a lip scrub and then moisturise with a good balm. This is the first step to prepare your lips for smooth application.

#4. Line your lips with a base

To fill in any cracks, apply a small amount of concealer or foundation to your lips. This will make your lipstick last longer. The next step is to line your lips. This is something most people skip. Lip liners create a neat outline that will prevent lipstick from smudging.

Make sure to match your lipstick with the lip liner. The Maybelline Color Sensational Shape Lip Liner will define and outline your lips. Fill them with the Maybelline Color Sensational Setting Lip Liner to create a second layer for a long-lasting lipstick. The sharp tip of the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Crayon lipstick can be used as a liner.

#5. Apply lipstick, then blot.

Depending on your needs, choose the red matte lipstick that you prefer. A red shade from the Mayilline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick Collection is best if you plan to stay out for a longer time. You can get a flawless finish for up to 16 hours.

Apply the second coat and blot any excess lipstick with a tissue. Apply the second coat, and then blot once more. To set your lipstick, lightly apply translucent powder to your lips. Depending on your red tone, balance the rest of your makeup.

Lipstick is an important part of makeup. It brings together the entire look. Keep your makeup simple and let your red lips speak for you!

. Keep your makeup simple and let your red lips speak for themselves! Are you unsure which red lipstick is right for your skin? Find the perfect lipstick for you.

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