Red lips should be kissed…


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A trend keeps coming back, that’s as certain as the amen in church: rich red lips. You can currently see them at Berlin Fashion Week , wherever you look. This year the color is combined even more sexy with a gloss. Therefore, today we give you the best tips on how to best conjure up this seductive look on your own lips.

The following utensils are essential here: Make-up and powder for the face, lip liner, red lipstick and of course a transparent gloss. Healthy skin and well-groomed lips are of course the basis of every good look. About ten minutes before the make-up starts, the lips should be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dead skin. Afterwards, make sure to apply lip balm that can be absorbed while applying your make-up.

Red lips in simple steps

First apply make-up and powder your face, because the lips only come into their own in connection with an even and not shiny complexion. Also lightly powder your lips. Use the lip liner to surround the lip rims and use it to paint the lips thinly. Now apply several layers of the rich red color with a lip brush (this will simply make the color the most even). Every now and then, powder your lips and remove excess color with a cloth. Finally, the gloss. Voilà! So, if that’s not sexy … 

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