Regarding Gaza, Biden’s new TikTok account was flooded with comments

Anjali Jain
Biden’s new TikTok account flooded with comments about Gaza

In an effort to engage with young voters, President Joe Biden launched a TikTok account this week. However, the pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have marred his recent appearances are now following him online.
Nine videos have been uploaded to the TikTok account @bidenhq since its inception on Sunday. A considerable number of these remark sections are inundated with messages pertaining to Gaza, the airstrikes conducted on Rafah, and Palestinians who have been ensnared in the Israeli-Hamas conflict.
The remarks serve as a digital representation of the challenges that the Biden campaign has encountered throughout its months-long campaign. In late January, during a reproductive rights rally in Manassas, Virginia, the president encountered more than a dozen interruptions from demonstrators who demanded a cessation of hostilities.

Subsequent to that, during a campaign stop in Michigan, pro-Palestinian protesters have accosted Joe Biden while chanting “Genocide Joe.” Additionally, demonstrators demanding a cessation of hostilities in Gaza have patiently awaited the words of Secretary of State Antony Blinken outside his residence.
While protesters and commentators may not fully reflect the sentiments of the American electorate, they do symbolize a tangible stream of discontent with Biden’s current policy and rhetoric concerning Israel and Gaza. 15% of respondents aged 18-34 in the most recent NBC News survey of registered electors expressed approval of Biden’s management of the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Young voters who utilize TikTok comprised an even smaller proportion, which may be one reason why the Biden campaign has chosen to interact on the platform.
Jeannie Niusulu, 43, a stay-at-home mother of eight residing in Aurora, Colorado, employs online protest as a means to convey her discontent with the Biden administration.
“Ideas regarding Rafa?” On Monday, Niusulu posted on a @bidenhq video with the intention of capturing the president’s attention.
“I did it solely to express my hope that our voices might be heard,” Niusulu, who embraced social activism in 2020 in the wake of George Floyd’s assassination, explained.
Niusulu, who voted for Biden in 2020 and Hillary Clinton in 2016 respectively, asserts that the president’s management of the Israel-Hamas conflict will cost her support in 2024.
“I simply cannot vote for that in good conscience,” she stated.
She urged the president on a distinct Biden TikTok to refrain from taking Democratic votes for granted. “Have @Biden-Harris headquarters begun to listen? Are you not recognizing that your complacency is costing you votes? “We emphasize that blue is not our sole option; it is not the case,” Niusulu wrote on Tuesday morning.
Niusulu, however, stated in an interview with NBC News a few hours after publishing her remark that Biden can still win back her support on the condition that he imposes sanctions on Israel, suspends aid, and reins in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
“He must seize authority over Netanyahu,” Niusulu stated. We have provided him with all of his nutritional requirements by hand for the past sixteen years. “He has obtained every weapon he required,” she continued. “Biden must retract that statement.”
Rania Ayyoub, a 35-year-old Palestinian American, stated on a recent Biden TikTok, “What do you have to say about Rafah?” that no action Biden takes will ever be sufficient to regain her support.
“The point of no return has passed,” Ayyoub declared. Ayyoub not only cast her vote for Biden in 2020 but also mobilized her Phoenix community to persuade others to do the same in the battleground state of Arizona.
She stated, “The Biden administration and Joe Biden have demonstrated to all of us, including myself as an Arab American, that he does not consider us to be significant.” “With the exception of his polling, however.”
Biden’s presidential campaign avoided comment.
National press secretary for the non-profit young-voter engagement organization Voters of Tomorrow, Jack Lobel, 19, stated, “TikTok remarks are not a reliable indicator of public opinion. “I consider that perspective to be marginally irresponsible.”
Lobel continued, “While this crisis has resulted in more posts on TikTok, it has not altered the fundamental decision that our generation must make.” “Because Donald Trump opposes everything that Generation Z represents, that will be the deciding factor in November.”
Ayyoub, however, stated that she personally experiences the Gaza crisis and that “these are not merely TikTok comments.”
“This is a linguistic expression. “It is a genuine manifestation of our ire and exasperation,” she stated, adding that “absolutely real people” are responsible for the social media comments.
Prior to this election cycle, Ayyoub regarded her home state of Arizona, a transition state, as one in which she was extremely politically active. She urged her acquaintances to participate in the 2020 election process by casting ballots for Biden and Rep. Ruben Gallego, the Democratic congressman representing her district who is presently competing for the seat of independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.
This time around, however, Ayyoub does not intend to vote for Biden or Gallego on account of their stance on Israel and the conflict in Gaza.
A no-brainer occurred in 2020. It is inconceivable that we could have a Trump administration. “Before all that, I supported Biden, and I inspired many others to do the same,” she explained.
“Gestaltide is the lesser of two evils at this time,” Ayyoub continued.
The classification of Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza as “genocide” is a contentious matter, as it has been met with opposition from several experts and is the subject of a case before the United Nations high court in the Netherlands.
Ayyoub stated categorically, “I will not vote for any of them, none of them,” thereby excluding Trump and Biden from consideration. “We have the right to better options, and that is not my responsibility.”

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