RO Service: Who is the best RO service provider in India?


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No matter how good the quality of the purifier you purchase is, you need to be vigilant about cues like water leakage, malfunctioning of the unit, bad taste /odour, or the sudden slowing of your water output to dial in RO service.

Even the best purifiers can malfunction because of a manufacturing loophole and when it comes to safeguarding your health and your family’s health, you should ideally leave no stone unturned. We recommend that you opt for an annual maintenance contract that covers your investment and health.

If you are using a membrane-based purifier like an RO water purifier, then it vital that you get the membrane checked from time to time as the last thing you want is the membrane to get choked because of a high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) quotient of your water, and become a breeding ground for more germs.

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The one thing that distinguishes a good brand from a great brand is the quality of RO service. Cliched as it sounds, it still holds good. Pureit is highly committed to servicing its products after the sale because they want you to have a good user experience. If you opt for Pureit, you will have the  following advantages in terms of RO service quality provided:

  1. The personnel is Covid-19 protocol trained, so they abide by the guidelines the company provides, such as:
  • Mandatory use of gloves and masks

All the RO service personnel is trained and mandated to use gloves and masks not only during the servicing sessions but also while travelling.

  • Regular sanitization of hands

All the service personnel is trained to use sanitisers before the servicing session and right after to ensure the best RO service to their customers.

  • Daily temperature screening

All the service personnel is advised to get a medical check-up if they find themselves suffering from flu-like symptoms or register a fever. Besides, all of them are screened for their temperature at the facility.

  • Social distancing with no contact

All the RO service personnel is trained to maintain social distancing under all circumstances according to the WHO guidelines.

  • Regular training on best hygiene practices

All the service personnel is trained to follow the best practices of respiratory hygiene, the proper method, and frequency of washing hands and also advised on how to identify Covid-19 symptoms.

  • When you own an RO water purifier from a high-end brand like Pureit, the unit is more or less self-sufficient because it alerts you fifteen days prior to your filter change appointment. In case you are not able to RO service or replace the filter for some reason, its auto-shutoff feature would turn off the water supply, thus ensuring that you don’t drink even a drop of impure water.
  • The website of the brand is extremely user-friendly with a toll-free number and an email address just a click away. The toll-free-number is not just for sales queries, it is also for any concerns you may have with your unit post purchase.
  • The site regularly publishes updates about how to take care of your water purifier so that you can stay on top of the frequently occurring glitches.
  • You can easily create your own profile so that you can be notified of the updates that are relevant to you.
  • Once you are eligible, you can avail the Pureit promise which is the ultimate promise given by Pureit for delivering the Germ Kill Kit (GKK) in 72 hrs from the time of booking the order, else the same will be given free. This will ensure minimal disruption to your water supply.

So, that is one important box checked if you are considering purchasing a Pureit water purifier. Suffice to say, with its warranty and annual maintenance contract, you can experience the ultimate peace of mind.

As icing on the cake, many of these products sold by Pureit come with years of warranty.

The warranty covers the cost of all the electrical parts in the device like the Solenoid valve, RO pump,float switch, Low-Pressure switch, circuit, adaptor, LEDs. It includes External Booster Pump, Pressure reducing valve and UV lamp.

After installation of the eligible device, the offer will be activated automatically by Pureit. The customer shall receive the confirmation SMS on his/her registered mobile number post activation of the offer. The Term of the Warranty is for a period of x only from the date of installation of the device.

We would like to reiterate that nothing is more important than your health and your family’s health. So, we recommend that you assess your water purifier needs accurately and purchase a unit that meets your unique requirements. That is the bigger challenge. Once you visit a store or research their online store, you will be able to find several ways to discuss your servicing requirements, so nothing is really forced upon you as a mandatory thing.

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