Road Trip to Australia: 5 Handy Tips for Travelers


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A road trip is a perfect solution to explore Australia. Getting by car is incredibly popular there, and all the conditions have been created for this – the prices for fuel are reasonable while driving on Australian roads is a real pleasure!

Australia has a lot to see, and often its main attractions are scattered throughout the country – this is another reason why a rental car is the best option for exploring the country.

There are no problems with rental companies: you can take a car at any airport, railway station or city location. Most of the largest rental companies operate in Australia – Avis, Budget, Hertz, Letz, Red Back is among them. But if you want to get the best price among all providers – book a car through, where offers from all companies are presented at once, including deals for under 25 years old drivers.

To ensure that your travel experience is positive and the trip brings vivid emotions, check several of the following important points:

Take care of the necessary paperwork before traveling

Travel insurance concept, documents on the desktop | Premium Photo

If you are going to relax in Australia by traveling by car, then you should take into account some points to make the car adventure as comfortable and interesting as possible. First, prepare a few important documents:

  • visa and insurance coverage;
  • passport and an international driver’s license;
  • flight tickets;
  • credit card.

Also, don’t forget to print out the car rental voucher in case you reserved a vehicle in advance.

Observe local traffic regulations 

Australia: Driving Guide For UK Expats – Rules, Laws and Regulations -  Autoshippers Blog

First of all, remember that in Australia there’s left-hand traffic, and there are very high fines for speeding. Therefore, don’t neglect the established norms so as not to spoil the impression of your car travel.

Be aware that police vehicles are not always visible on Australian roads. That is why you should be on the lookout and stick to the rules – this will help you avoid an awkward situation.

Here are some other Australian traffic rules:

  • It’s forbidden to talk on the phone while driving;
  • A foreign driver must have an international driving license, as well as a passport, insurance, and visa;
  • Not only the driver but absolutely all passengers sitting in the car should be fastened;
  • Even on the road in the desert, you need to drive as carefully as possible – at any moment kangaroos can jump out onto the road.

Making yourself aware of these rules will help ensure your safety while traveling. However, you have to remember that you can’t control every situation that happens on the road, such as another car colliding with you. What you can control is what you do after. Make sure to listen to the authorities you get in touch with and get yourself a personal injury lawyer to help defend you – find more information here.

Plan your route in advance

File:Deer Park Bypass eastbound at Western Ring Road.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Australia has a very long road network, so you should think about the route in advance so as not to waste time. If necessary, here are 2 options for where to go with your rental car:

  • Start your trip to Cairns, located in the northeastern part of the Green Continent. From here you can enjoy an interesting journey by visiting several charming destinations – Goldfields and Gulf Savannah. By the way, these are Australia’s oldest settlements. Next, keep your way to the Undara National Reserve to admire stunning landscapes and then set off Broome, situated in the west of the mainland.
  • Another car route in Australia involves visiting cities such as Melbourne, Madura, and Balladonia. This amazing Australian route will definitely satisfy the fans of contrasts: first, you will visit one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, and then visit the farms enjoying the amazing landscapes. In the end, you will find yourself in the highlands, where you can see a typical representative of the Australian fauna – the kangaroo.

Be especially careful when traveling far from cities

File:Outback Western Australia's Long and Lonesome Road.jpeg - Wikimedia  Commons

Take care of yourself when driving on Australian roads. If your route lies in the center of the continent, away from big and noisy cities, then you should be especially careful. In desert areas, gas stations, car services, and shops can be located at a distance of 100 – 150 km from each other! Therefore, it’s necessary to fill a full tank of fuel every time, take drinking water, food, a USB car charger, and other necessary things.

Also, remember: there are very few cars on the roads in the center of the continent. Check if your car has a spare wheel because if something happens on the road, there is nowhere to wait for help. And if you aren’t sure your car won’t break, we don’t recommend to travel on deserted roads.

Never drive while intoxicated

Checkpoints to contain Melbourne virus hotspots | Otago Daily Times Online  News

Australia has especially tough measures against those caught drunk while driving – you could even get arrested! In Australia, the police have the right to check any driver for alcoholic intoxication. It could happen anywhere, at any time of the day and they do it quite often.

Therefore, if you don’t want to have problems, then don’t drink if you have a road trip. A positive alcohol test will ruin your entire trip and may even lead to arrest. Agree – this is not what you want from a car trip to Australia!

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