Rush Limbaugh Dies at 70: Rush Limbaugh’s “Culture War” Discussed


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Rush Limbaugh is dead. That was the news on Wednesday, after the right-wing firebrand made bizarre comments about his own demise. You’ve probably heard about him. If you haven’t, in case you are, here are some quick facts.

Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host on Fox News. That’s not exactly a high profile job, even if it is one that involves making regular appearances on a national stage. Rush Limbaugh has been doing this for decades. It wasn’t long ago that he became one of the most recognizable voices on American television.

So how did this man, who appeared regularly on the air get himself into hot water with the Obama Administration and the media, as well as Hollywood celebrities and political pundits? The answer is simple. Rush Limbaugh became a right wing favorite. His entire career has been built upon a bold political agenda, and those efforts have been met with profound disappointment by establishmentarian wing intellectuals. He didn’t rise to stardom overnight.

Rush Limbaugh’s “Culture War” Discussed

Rush Limbaugh Is Dead

Rush Limbaugh has been in the headlines since he took on Fox News, but he is actually much older than the network. In fact, he was born in 1953, which is a bit of a surprise given that he claims to have started his radio career at age 16. From there, Rush Limbaugh went on to host his own program for several years, until he decided to move onto something else. That is, of course, unless you consider the fact that he began his college career as an usher at Toucher College. Even if you do not consider yourself a conservative, it is hard to deny that Rush Limbaugh is a conservative.

A conservative is someone who believes in limited government and a strong national defense. Rush Limbaugh is one of those. He believes that socialism is bad, and he calls social programs a waste of time and money. However, when it comes to his own personal spending, he has a very liberal view of the issue. He is on the liberal end of the spectrum, but not by much.

Still, he seems to relish his position as host of the biggest talk show in the country. One of the things he loves is controversy. He loves to debate. Indeed, he loves to argue with his guests and try to make them look like fools. Indeed, that is one of the things that got him this gig in the first place.

One of his favorite topics is the budget. It is a complete nightmare and he cannot stop talking about it. He rips the President for cutting the defense budget and says that the United States will be led to the next world war. More recently, he said that Medicare may not be around long. That is pretty extreme.

Of course, some people are just flat out nutty. There is not doubt that Rush Limbaugh is one of those. I wonder what is so bad that he has to go on the air and say something outrageous? Has he gone too far? Is he a danger to society?

Indeed, if this is not crossing the line, then what is? How about calling those who disagree with him a terrorist? How about calling the Texas delegation stupid for voting against the idea of keeping the capital city of Texas in the state flag. Really, I wonder what the problem is here?

Some say that Rush Limbaugh is simply using the government-run media to his advantage by branding those who disagree with him as unenlightened. This could be true, I suppose. If you disagree with the liberal viewpoint on the Netraum, you are obviously unenlightened. But it is silly to label and attack an entire segment of our population based upon your own personal opinion. What makes people think that it is a good thing to call someone a brain dead liberal?

I mean, come on…even Rush Limbaugh, a man who makes fun of everything and everyone, can’t get himself to talk about the topic of global warming, global cooling or the “man-made global warming” scam. It is simply not an issue, apparently. So, I ask – why is it that liberals feel it is a good thing to attack those who question the main premise of the human endeavor?

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