Sales Enablement Tricks That Can Help Your Overcome the Effects of 2020


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The business model has gone through immense changes over the last year. With social distancing and work-from-home culture on the rise, businesses now have to adapt and implement new methods to close more and better deals. The sales team can no longer solely depend on the traditional ways.

The demands of buyers and decision-makers have now become quite complex, and to fulfil their needs, the sales reps need more smart, fast, and highly informative sales techniques. Digital tools have to be integrated into all the stages of readiness and enablement plans, empowering the reps with solid modern tools. In-person interactions have now become a thing of the past, and therefore, sales reps need to be ready for digital interactions.

When you consider digitalization for sales enablement, it opens the gates to a whole new world. Numerous tweaks can be done that can change your sales cycle into a highly modern, interactive, and user-friendly process. Here are some tweaks and sales enablement tools that can help you hit the modern sales targets.

Get the Reps Ready For Online Interactions

The decision-makers are no longer interested in person-to-person meetings, and extensive paperwork. Therefore, your sales reps must be well-equipped and well-trained to handle virtual meetings. The sales reps must be well-familiar with all the functions of video calling platforms like Zoom and Skype.

However, just training the reps won’t do the trick. You must also provide them with quality equipment and seamless high-speed internet. Give your reps a good working space, with a fast computer, tablet, quality headsets, and professional background that looks aesthetic on a video call.

Communications Training

Virtual meetings are quite different than in-person meetings. The virtual setup requires puts more focus on the body language and camera presence. The sales executives may also feel a little uncomfortable with this new set-up. Therefore, sales reps should also be trained on how to speak confidently on camera and how to maintain positive body language while meeting the buyers and decision-makers virtually. The company’s strategies, and new approach, must be conveyed effectively and equally to all the sales reps so that the communications with the decision-makers can be informative and fruitful.

Syncing with Marketing

While you digitalize and improvise your sales system, it is a no-brainer that you must also do the same with your marketing strategies. However, the most important part is to sync these two sectors effectively. In fact, both sales and marketing executives must work closely and exchange information. The sales team can provide the marketing team with insights about buyer behavior, while the marketing team can give key communication lines to the reps.

Understanding Customer Needs

Every business has faced tough times and changes due to the recent pandemic scenario. So the customer needs have also changed a lot, than what it was before. The reps need to be given a proper understanding of the new changes in customer requirements. The sales reps must engage with the customers, building the relation while expressing that your company understands the struggles and changes the customers’ organizations are going through.

More Focus On Analytics

With the implementation of digital tools and with the rise of digital business style overall, businesses now have access to a lot of precise and in-detail data. So, the focus has to be on data and analytics. The new data is going to give deeper insights into customer behaviors, feedback, and key trigger points. So the sales enablement team must integrate the data science into the sales enablement program so that the sales reps can develop a better understanding. Such a well-connected workflow will allow you to boost your sales velocity remarkably.

Play in The Present Plan for The Future

The sales strategy should surely bank in heavily in the present conditions. The reps must be equipped and informed to handle the current scenario efficiently. But during these volatile times, you also need to have an eye on the future. You need to continuously analyze, speculate, and plan for the future if you want to keep your head up in these difficult waters.

While planning for the future you just cannot solely rely on internal information. You also need to use external information from market research firms, investment banks, government plans, competitors’ predictions, and so on. The more information you get the better.

Take Professional Help

Well, all this can be a little too much, especially because of the current unpredictable circumstances. You can rely on professional service providers to make things a little easier. Reliable service providers can help you in the smooth integration of new strategies. Digital tools, market analysis, onboarding strategies, enablement, readiness programs, etc., can all be improvised easily with professional help.

Experience service providers already know how the markets and demands are changing and have already begun providing new digital solutions to suit various business sales requirements. While trying to implement so many changes yourself will be more of a trial-and-error system that’ll only increase the pressure on your staff. So, the major benefit of hiring professionals is that you will not be losing time and money. The solutions will be solid and can be implemented quickly without putting your coaching team and reps under stress.


Well, the business model has changed completely just in a matter of 12 months, and it has been extremely difficult for thousands of businesses around the world. Like the eternal law of nature, only the ones who can adapt quickly are the ones who could survive difficult times. So there is no doubt that the focus needs to be on understanding the obstacles and implementing the solutions fast.

By adopting the above sales enablement tools, you can surely improve the sales experience for your buyers and sales reps at the same time. Precise, effective, and digitalized sales enablement is the key. And if you partner with a professional you already got all that you need in one single package.

So don’t delay on it anymore. Get professional help and boost your sales now.

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