Delhi unveils Delhi fight – corona MObile App



Table of contents

1. About the App
2. Benefit of App
2.1 Availability of beds
2.2 Availability of ventilators
2.3 Call 1031 service
3. Important NOTE

  1. About the App

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal today announced the launch of the “Delhi Corona” app which reduces the information gap between the government preparation to fight against COVID and information amongst people. In lay man language this App is the missing bridge now between the government and people to fight against corona. The App is very handy and provides real time
data to its users. It can be easily downloaded from google app store for free. Also the below website shares the same informations.

  1. Benefit of App

    2.1 Availability of beds
    At a single touch we could fetch and identify the vacant beds in each and every hostpital across the Capital, New Delhi. Also we could see the exact number of beds available around the hospital in New delhi.

    2.2 Availability of ventilators
    The availability and exact number of ventilators could also be tracked around the hospitals in case of emergency. This helps a lot in case of critical situations when in need and so one can rush directly towards the one which has availability of a ventilator.

    2.3 Call 1031 service
    The Corona App Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, can be downloaded from the Google Play store. He said a web page has also been created as – where the status of beds would be made available. Besides this, the same information is going to be made available through a ‘1031’ helpline.
    If Someone learns from the app that a hospital has beds, goes to it and is refused admission then the person can call the helpline number. The Special Secretary Health would be monitoring all such calls.

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  1. Important NOTE
    Only serious patients need to be admitted. Don’t rush towards a hospital by just getting detected as corona positive and don’t go for admission untill n unless its really needed in case of any complications. By doing so we can easily help others who genuinely needs those facilities in case of emergency. Also paralelly we could take precaution for our health as well as suggested by the doctors and government. Information available on Aarogya setu app could also be very useful and handy.

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