Seattle Children’s Hospital is Suing the Texas Attorney General for Requesting Information on Trans Minors


The Seattle Children’s Hospital has launched a lawsuit against the Texas Attorney General, which is an excellent development. Please bear with us as we explain the connection between Texas’ legal system and a children’s hospital in Washington.

The state of Texas has enacted a slew of municipal legislation in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Wade vs. Joe decision earlier this year. The Wade vs. Joe decision serves as the foundation for the execution of these regulations.

Seattle hospital sues Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Medical abortion is one example of a conservative law. The one in question here, however, is the one that prohibits minors from receiving gender-affirming care.

Minors in Texas may have had their gender transition therapies impacted due to the recent implementation of these rules. It is normal for families of transgender children to seek therapy in more liberal states.

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Details are not yet precise. However, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responded with a Civil Investigative Request. The date of the legal request was November 17, 2023. Paxton wants Seattle Children’s Hospital to share personal information about Texas citizens who have received gender-affirming care since 2022.

The Texas Attorney General’s request to the Washington hospital has a 20-day deadline, which expires on December 7. As a result of the request, Seattle Children’s Hospital filed a lawsuit against the Texas Attorney General’s office on December 6.

The lawsuit begins by acknowledging receipt of the Attorney General’s request. Then it goes on to question the legitimacy of the request’s jurisdiction. The plaintiff filed the complaint in Travis County District Court in Texas.

In addition, if the authority of a Texas Attorney General in Washington is upheld, the hospital is asking for a response time extension.

Fortunately, trans individuals seeking medical care in Washington can count on retaliation. The state of Washington expected such transgender discrimination. As a result, Washington recently signed the “Shield Law.” This statute prohibits conservative states from prosecuting transgender people who seek medical care in Washington.

So, what does this mean for transgender people in Texas or other conservative states? Visit Washington for medical attention and sleep well without worrying about being exposed. To summarize, Washington has become a refuge for trans patients from Republican-controlled states. By implication, a minor from Texas can travel to Washington for gender-transitioning or gender-affirming treatment without fear of future legal repercussions.

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According to public records, Attorney Paxton has been a fierce opponent of pro-LGBTQ+ policy. Paxton just avoided impeachment in September, when he was on the verge of losing his seat. It took the intervention of Texas Republican senators to save the Attorney General’s neck.

This isn’t only Attorney Paxton’s battle. Instead, Republican-led states are going all out against transgender health care. However, major medical groups are speaking out about the necessity for trans people in conservative states to have access to healthcare.

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