Should You Travel With Your Expensive Accessories?


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Expensive Accessories are the simplest way to elevate your fashion. Even the most basic outfit can look chic with the right jewelry, handbag, or scarf. This, along with the fact that accessories are so portable, makes them perfect for travel. Instead of packing a ton of different outfits and struggling with heavy luggage, you can let your accessories do the work.

But should you travel with your expensive accessories? Yes, you will be able to claim on theft with the jewelry cover in your insurance policy, but is it worth the hassle? There are a few things to take into consideration when making the decision.

Theft can come with trauma

When Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed in Paris, it unsurprisingly made global headlines. She is one of the most famous people in the world, and that automatically made the story of her jewelry theft more compelling.

However, it was only in KUWTK that we really saw what the robbery had done to her. The theft of her possessions was the least of her worries. Rather, it was the trauma of being put in a life-and-death situation, with no guarantee she would survive, that stuck. It had a profound impact on her life – one which may never completely dissipate.

Wearing expensive accessories out in public immediately makes you a target. Doing so in your home city might feel great, because you know what to watch out for. But in a foreign country, you may not recognize the warning signs. Even if you are able to retrieve your belongings or claim from insurance, you may suffer trauma in the process of the theft.

Ruining your trip

The trauma of the threat of violence is a pretty heavy subject, but it may not always be relevant. Some countries have remarkably low rates of violent crimes, and the theft of your jewelry might not impact your life significantly. This is something you should do your research on beforehand, so that you are ready to explore a new city with confidence.

But trauma is only the extreme end of the spectrum. The theft of your Expensive Accessories can be troubling for other reasons. It will probably go a long way towards ruining your trip. Even if you’re not too worried about the items stolen, you will feel a sense of anger and possibly despondency. You may struggle to enjoy yourself throughout the rest of your expensive vacation.

If the theft itself does not bother you too much, the process of reporting it to the police might make things that much worse. The police may be very different than you are used to. In popular tourist destinations, ‘tourist police’ can be extremely frustrating and may not seem to care about your predicament. Since you need a police report to claim from your insurance, you may have to spend hours trying to deal with the bureaucracy.

Vacation shopping

Accessories can certainly uplift your fashion when you are traveling without causing you much hassle, but you may have more fun trying to up your accessory game from scratch. This is because different countries have different styles that you can experience at a low price. The accessories you buy from a stall in a flea market in a foreign country may not be as pricey as your usual selection. However, it will be more unique when you bring it back to the US.

Should You Travel With Your Expensive Accessories?

The trick is to get past the tourist traps to find the real treasures. Many vendors in tourist destinations create items that tourists typically like, which don’t reflect their culture at all. This is why the wares on offer in Nigeria can look suspiciously similar to what you find in Brazil.

Do some online research to find those artisans making unique pieces in the city you’re visiting. Ask around once you’ve met some of the locals. This way, you’ll get to find a new range of accessories which, while inexpensive, rival your current collection. You avoid the stress of potentially losing your jewelry to theft and come home with some exciting additions to your wardrobe.

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