Signs Of Anxiety

Overview: Signs Of Anxiety

As humans we face different situations in our daily life. Each situation is different by how we think, feel and behave in these situations and our experiences are shaped by how we feel. We are going to discuss about Signs Of Anxiety in this article.

Although thoughts govern how we feel, the emotions that we experience in itself play a role in how we process the situation. Feeling happy in a situation may make us want to approach a situation more as compared to feeling scared that may make us want to avoid a particular situation.


It is natural to experience emotions and express them. Each emotion that we experience has a purpose and when we experience it in the right situation. But there are times when we experience an emotion even whenit is not required or which is not needed.  In such cases Experiencing such situation can become problem for us and it may disturb our mental health.

Understanding emotions

But if we are able to understand emotions and lookout for the signs and symptoms, we are more equipped to identify them and deal with them effectively. It is always and strongly recommended to seek medical advice & intervention from a doctor.

Signs & symptoms of anxiety

Signs & symptoms of anxiety may include a feeling of restlessness which may be for a short duration or may stay for a longer duration. A constant worry about things in the present and future or that of the past. Certain physical symptoms like a fast heartbeat, like a feeling of pounding against the chest, warm cheeks, dry mouth, feeling of tightness or pain in the chest.

Although there are several factors that may create anxiety in children, separation from a comforting person, thing or situation may create anxiety inChildren may express anxiety through behaviour.Behaviour such as avoidance, excessive crying and becoming quiet and staying quiet can be observed.

Closing Notes

So, these are the signs of anxiety. If you feel these signs then you should consult a doctor or expert.

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