Social Distancing: Fun Things to Do during Self-Isolation Enforced by the Coronavirus Outbreak


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Social Distancing: With the Earth on a break, and masses worldwide practising self-isolation amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, this blog will be helpful for all of you for it talks about ways to kill time while you are stuck at home.

The number of the infected with the carnivorous is only increasing every day. Keeping this in mind, schools and organizations around the world have announced policies pertaining to online teaching and working from home, respectively. In the United States too, a number of companies and businesses have instructed staff to work from home, while several K-12 schools have started the move to online courses as students are forced to self-isolate nationwide.

In such times, finding yourself in a bubble of utter confusion and anxiety is inevitable. You can find it hard to study or complete your work-related tasks, with the ongoing news about the COVID-19 pandemic. Not a surprise though. The unfortunate circumstance is by default bound to compel you into thinking the worst and getting caught up in a despairing mood.

World Health Organization has therefore advised people to protect their mental health in these trying times. WHO suggests watching and reading news that could make you feel more anxious and stressed, must be avoided. Information, WHO says, must be gained but at specific times, and not 24/7.

It is recommended instead by the World Health Organization that you focus on seeking instructions regarding the practical aspects of the situation, and about what may be beneficial in terms of protecting yourself and your loved ones from the virus.

If you find it hard to follow these precautionary measures shared by WHO, don’t get anxious – read on. Here we share with you some healthy activities you can keep yourself busy with while in the self-isolation phase.  

Set Your Wardrobe

This is a great time to bring your long due super chaotic wardrobe into shape. What you can do is dedicate a big chunk of your newfound time to clearing out your wardrobe. To start with pick out the ones you wear and would like to keep, and also those you are fed up with and ready to ditch. If you have the luxury of ample space, make sections in your wardrobe, one devoted to new clothes, and another to the ones you have worn previously.

Trust us, once you get going with your wardrobe, it is not only going to keep you busy and away from the anxiety-ridden news updates on the pandemic, but you may find clothing items you had lost track of, and you may find yourself getting engaged with rediscovering new outfit looks.

Read a Book

We often find ourselves comparing how our busy lives have distanced us from the finer things in life, like literature for instance. Every now and then we hear ourselves complain that our job and/or studies don’t allow us time to read a book in peace. However, in the current unfortunate circumstance, the only good thing happening is we have lots and lots of time.

Therefore, grab the book you’ve always wanted to read or finish reading. Indulge yourself in literature and let it transport you to another world, increase your vocabulary, and limit your stress with reading!

Binge Watch

We know most of you, upon hearing about the potential countrywide lockdown and/or chances of working from home, must have thought of chilling with Netflix – your imagined savior combination. However, now when that is happening in real-time, you find yourself unable to focus on watching your desired content because you have such an abundance of sad news around you to assimilate.

However, what you must do first in these ill-fated times is focus on your mental health. The list in your head, that contains all the must-see series on Netflix or Amazon, is waiting for you to stream it.

All you need is a reliable high-speed internet connection to support your binge-watch sessions and you are good to enjoy your favourite series. In case you currently do not have access to strong connectivity, we suggest you take a look at offerings from Spectrum Internet – the best internet bundles available in more than 40 states. Simply get in touch with Spectrum Servicio al cliente and seek all the information about various plans and pricing, take your pick and subscribe.

Start Planting Flowers

If you are not a pet person, planting flowers in your garden may be one of the best ways to limit your stress levels. Instead of touring from one news channel to another and exposing yourself to more and more depressing content, plant a tree or flowers, water your plantation, and look after it. When the Coronavirus pandemic ends you will realize how gardening helped you remain focused on your mental wellbeing instead of becoming a patient of anxiety.

You can still access information related to the outbreak – just be prudent, and seek only the more important details that help you with taking practical measures for your own safety and that of your loved ones. 


Amid the Coronavirus outbreak many places of public gathering, such as parks and gyms, have had to shutter down to ensure social distancing is practised to its fullest. However, what you can do is turn your gym session into a home workout routine. Squats, burpees, and push-ups are modes of exercising your body that does not require equipment but do leave you feeling lighter and more contended.


With the alarming news regarding Coronavirus engulfing our everyday life, it has become hard to focus on anything else, and we perfectly understand that. In this blog, we have therefore listed down some ways that can help you look after your mental health while also killing time during this self-isolation and social distancing phase.


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