What is WordPress?

Simply put, WordPress is internet publishing software you can use to create your own site or blog. Because it premiered in 2003, It has grown into one of the most popular internet publishing programs. And today it powers more than 35 percent of the full web — everything from hobby blogs to some of the most well-known websites on the internet.

WordPress allows you to construct and manage your very own full-featured site using only your web browser without having to understand how to code. In fact, if you’ve used a text editor like Microsoft Word, then you’ll be right at home with the Editor.

So, how it works?
To get started with WordPress, first, choose from one of the dozens of Managed hosting companies that pre-install that the WordPress software for you. These hosts also maintain and track your WordPress site 24/7, so that you can concentrate on creating content and reaching your audience. If you prefer, you can also download this software itself from WordPress.org, then install it on your own webserver.

There are numerous motives WordPress is a great choice for building your website:
First of all, WordPress is released under an Open Source license — which means you can download and use the WordPress software any way you like… for FREE. But in addition, it means that hundreds of volunteers from all around the globe are constantly working to improve the WordPress software.
Second, it is simple to learn and utilize — You don’t need to employ a web designer every time you wish to produce a little change to your site. Alternatively, it is possible to easily update and create your own content… without having to learn how to code.

Third, it is completely customizable — There are hundreds and hundreds of themes and plugins that allow you to change the entire look of your site, or even add features such as an online shop, a photograph gallery, or a mailing list.

Next, should you encounter problems, or you also want to add custom features, it’s easy to find support or hire someone to assist you. In addition to this tutorial on this site, there are also thousands of developers and designers who can help you. And each year, there are thousands of local WordPress events happening all over the world where you can meet and speak to other users.

Last, you are in the management of your content. Some other publishing platforms limit what you can and can’t do on your own website. And, you’re locked into this support; when it should shut down, your articles could simply evaporate. You are in charge of your content.
Is WordPress right for you?
If you’re searching for an easy tool that can help you build your own blog or website without learning how to code, then no additional applications make it this easy. And, you’ll find that WordPress is incredibly flexible, with tens of thousands of themes, plugins, and support options to make certain that your site will continue to grow with you later on.

We hope that this has been useful, and we look forward to seeing what you build WordPress!

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