A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Solar Power Solutions


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Solar Power Solutions: As people around the globe realize the importance of sustainability and eco-consciousness, there has been tremendous growth in the renewable energy sector. As a result, the dependence on traditional energy sources such as coal and petroleum has gone down. However, in India, the main focus has always been solar power production, leading to the popularity of solar power solutions across all sectors, including commercial, residential, governmental, and even industrial.

Let’s start with understanding – what  are solar power solutions? In broad terms, it refers to solar power systems that we install in our homes and workplaces. However, that’s not all, as there is more to know, especially if you’re switching (or planning to) to solar for the first time.  

So, if you wish to learn more about solar power solutions, keep reading!

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What Is a Solar Power System?

A solar power system, also commonly known as a PV system, is designed to produce electricity by harnessing energy from the sun. This electric current can then be used to power appliances such as air conditioners, fans, and tube lights. However, there are two main types of solar power solutions:

  • An on-grid solar power system, which is connected to the local power grid, helps reduce electricity bills.
  • An off-grid solar power system, which is not connected to the local power grid, helps you attain complete energy independence.

So, if your aim is to reduce your power bill expenses, then an on-grid solar power solution is the ideal choice. However, if you wish to charge batteries for power backup and become energy independent, going for an off-grid solar power solution is the most suitable option.

Solar Pannel: Solar Power Solutions

The Components of Solar Power Systems

Now that we know the basics of solar power solutions, let’s look at the various components that make up solar systems:

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels are the most crucial component of solar power solutions as they produce electricity through the sun’s energy and solar radiation. In addition, solar PV panels’ contribution to the solar power system’s cost is almost 50 percent, so it is essential to choose the panels wisely.


Solar panels are DC (Direct Current) devices, they require an inverter to convert the DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current). So, while you may think that solar inverters are not important, they play a major role in the functioning of solar power solutions.


A battery is essential to solar power solutions as it stores the excess energy produced by the panels, and you can use this stored energy to power appliances when the sun goes down. But it is important to go for batteries with higher Ah (Ampere Hour) ratings as the higher the Ah, the better the battery’s backup capacity.


Even though the PV panels, inverter, and battery are the primary components of solar power solutions, secondary components such as the mounting structure, cables, junction boxes, and wires are also equally important.

Reasons You Should Opt for Solar Power Solutions

Although there are a plethora of reasons you should invest in solar power solutions, here are some crucial ones to consider:

  • Solar power solutions are an excellent investment opportunity that yields high returns in the long run. In addition, there is little to no risk involved when you go solar, making it a great investment option for people across all sectors.
  • Since solar power solutions do not produce or emit any harmful gases or chemicals, they are safe for the environment, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • If high electricity bills are something that trouble you, installing a solar power system is the ideal solution as it will help cut down your power expenses.
  • Another great benefit of solar power systems is that they have a standard service life of 25 years and require very low maintenance.
  • Solar power solutions are the way to energy independence, which is also an essential factor you must consider.

Your Way Ahead

Although we have covered everything about solar power solutions, choosing a reliable brand or company is also a key point you should remember. Luminous has been an industry leader in the solar power solutions market for several years, making it a one-stop-shop for all things solar – so don’t forget to explore their products!

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