Storytime is the Key to Early Child Development


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“Stories are memory aids, instruction manuals, and moral compasses.”– Aleks Krotoski.

Storytime is one of the most enriching learning opportunities available in an early development classroom. It’s not just a pleasant group activity to do together, but it also teaches children about phonics, story building, and other vital aspects of reading comprehension.

To put their children to sleep these days, some parents rely on the ease provided by digital devices. After viewing a movie or their favorite cartoons, it’s effortless for children to fall asleep. These may appear to be simple childhood pleasures, yet nothing compares to the wonder of Storytime for kids. All you need to know is How do you engage children in Storytime? The importance of storytelling in toddlers’ & preschoolers’ overall development cannot be overstated whether it’s as basic as chatting about your upbringing or sharing a hilarious story about your day, kids’ advantage from story time in various ways. Once you are an expert in this art, you will open new learning experiences for them and generate a great relationship with your children.

Here we have a curated list to uncover the benefits of story time in early childhood:

Enhance their listening

It’s not always simple to keep a child’s attention for an extended period. Many children find it challenging to focus on a task for ample time. Either child join in and contribute more to the conversation, or their brains stray elsewhere. On the other hand, storytelling with your child can help them strengthen their listening abilities. They’ll become more alert and learn to narrow their focus on a specific subject.

Improves their cultural awareness

Preschool story time can expose preschoolers to new experiences, such as new places, cultures, and traditions. It allows students to envision themselves in the characters’ shoes in the story, which increases empathy as they try to grasp their behavior.

Inculcates morals in your child

Listening to stories is a favorite pastime of early childhood. When you devote enough story time to kids, you are teaching morals in them that they will be able to carry with them as they grow older. Tell kids stories about characters with ideals they can relate to or stories with a lesson they can understand. Both teachers & parents can take the time to teach children essential values such as generosity, knowledge, integrity, respect, etc.

Boost their language fluency

Children’s ability to express themselves can be improved by reading and telling stories to them. It encourages kids to express their emotions, views, and ideas. Your child’s preschools also engage him in activities with diverse preschool story time ideas to grow their vocabulary as they learn new words.

Increase memory

Storytime is an excellent approach for your child’s memory to improve. After reading a story, you can review or ask them to recollect some of the specifics. Analyze them to see how much information they’ve absorbed from the session.

Develop Socializing ability

Children start paying attention and actively listen to the person speaking through storytelling. It also opens their eyes to other people’s perspectives and helps them learn how everyone’s viewpoint differs.

Easy learning Experience

Storytelling to toddlers is a great way to prepare them for upcoming preschool or other different phases of life. It is a terrific technique to get children ready for school because it makes learning more natural and easy. It is the answer to a parent query like Why is story time important for toddlers? And How do you make story time fun for preschoolers?

Below are some ideas for preschoolers’ story time:

Bring curiosity

While reading a story with the preschoolers, look at the illustrations and discuss the details about characters & places. Discuss everyone’s favorite photos and what they might conclude about the tale. It will help your child grasp the story better, but it will also help them develop their visual literacy skills.

Fun & excitement

Making stories exciting and engaging is one of the most effective methods to get kids interested in books for a lifelong.

You may also use some of the toys to play the parts of the characters and tell the story.

Innovative and artsy

Make a large mural using your photographs to tell the story. The time you spend making these together is an excellent opportunity to discuss what you’ve been reading.

Change of locations

If you read the story about animals, take them to a park or garden and pretend you’re roaming the Jungle like the tigers and monkeys like the story characters.

Be Creative

Please encourage students to become storytellers by having them make up new stories based on the book they are reading. Inquire that what they imagine follows after the story’s final page.

Footprints planner brings several exciting ways for your children to make storytime the best learning & enjoyable experience for them.

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