Street Food in Bangalore : Must Try And Explore


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Food Street, located at the Commercial Street in Bangalore is a famous street side institution serving excellent food, ranging from plain rice to barbecues. It is one of the best places to go if you are looking for good Street Food in Bangalore. There are many restaurants here but the best food I had was at Kappil’s which is located on the roadside opposite Commercial Street. Here you can get delicious food at unbelievably low prices.

Kappil is one of the most famous street food restaurants in Bangalore. It is located at Airport Road and is opened during weekdays only. Though it is known as a cheap restaurant, the Street Food in Bangalore is of excellent quality and affordable. There are several restaurants in this area that serve amazing food. You have a variety of choice in here like Vinaigrette’s, Paratha, Mutter Paneer, Rice Biryani and much more.

If you are coming from the KGA Resort Hotel, then you should go to M.F. Road. Here you will find some of the best food street side in Bangalore. Some of the must try dishes are Paratha, Mutton Biriyani, Barbecued Chicken Thali, Desert Course, Chaat masala, Pepper and Cream Pickle.

How food is cooked

The street food here is cooked in front of you where you can watch them cooking and enjoying their food. The place looks like a hawker centre and has plenty of food street side to choose from. Some of the popular street foods include Mutton Biriyani, Paratha, Barbecued chicken Thali, Desert Course, etc. There are some amazing lunch options available here like Paratha sandwiches, biryanis, dosas, pachadi rotis, bhel puri, dry fruits etc. These lunch options are extremely popular among students as they get very little time to eat on campus.

Some of the most renowned Street Food in Bangalore vendors serving good and authentic food are booked at the intersections. These vendors have their own carts and customers have to move from one cart to another. But if you look carefully at their carts, you will see that the food items are placed carefully. Even while you are standing in the street you can order your favourite drink and snack. Apart, from that the stalls also provide juices and waters at affordable prices.

Street food that tastes good

For those of you who are looking for street food that tastes good, then there is no better place than M.F. Road. Here you will find authentic Chinese food such as Cantonese chicken rice, Szechwan style chicken rice, sweet and sour chicken, crispy noodles, bamboo shoots, etc. Apart from this, there are also street vendors selling snacks, pastries, sandwiches, pizza and other Indian delicacies.

Popular street food in Bangalore

The other popular street food in Bangalore include Chinese, Italian, South Indian, Kebab shops, Thai, Moroccan, Indian, etc. You can get some of these food items in M.F. Road. There are many Chinese restaurants as well as street food stall serving Mediterranean food.

The Bangalore night market is a great place to shop for food and its products. It is where street food vendors sell all kinds of food from all parts of India. Besides this, the M.G. Road market has all types of food. Apart from Street Food in Bangalore, there are food stalls as well that sells local products.

Closing Notes

You can buy food from these street vendors. There are specialty stores too that have a wide range of items, including local and ethnic foods. As you would expect, there are many street food vendors here. Some of these food vendors even deliver food to your doorstep. But, keep in mind that street food is not cheap.

You will find one or two restaurants in every locality. These restaurants usually serve Indian food. But, you can find restaurants serving a variety of national and international cuisines. The M.G. Road food street is where you can find most inexpensive Street Food in Bangalore.

A few years back, when the Internet didn’t exist, the street food in Bangalore was much less popular. People used to eat their food at home or at the nearby coffee shops. This has changed now. Bangalore now has become a hot spot for food lovers. With more restaurants serving quality food at reasonable rates, the Street Food in Bangalore is getting more popular.

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