As you see the summer sun from your houses, you must be feeling lucky to stay indoors and complete your work. Even though we are not facing the dust, sweat and heat of the summers directly, it affects us even if we are locked in our homes. The temperature and hot winds are also a known factor through which the heat can affect your body. But did you know that there is one food that is known to help you lower this effect and help you maintain a cool temperature? It’s a typical food that we see all around us, we have it stored in our refrigerators, and we definitely like to eat it with most of our meals.

If you are still guessing, then this food is yoghurt! Curd (or yoghurt) is known to have many benefits that will help you beat the heat, improve digestion, build immunity, reduce blood pressure, give you healthy skin, and is suitable for bones.

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Curd keeps your body cool in summers

Though there are many ways to make our daily bowl of curd more tasty and nutritious, one of those ways is to add fruits! Fruits in summer are like a fresh wave of cold water that hits your body. And in this summertime, one of the fruits that we love to eat is lychee. So, why not try making lychee raita this summer?

Health Benefits of Lychee

The sweet taste and soft texture of lychees make us want to devour it more. But more than its sweet taste, lychee has numerous health benefits. It is known to be rich in vitamin B-complex and vitamin C. It also provides manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, and folate needed in the production of red blood cells and might help in the flow of blood.

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Lychee is high in dietary fiber. These fibers regulate the digestive system by ensuring that it moves smoothly through the digestive tract. It adds bulk to the stool and can help with indigestion and other stomach issues. While it also helps in lowering blood pressure, aids in weight loss, have anti-inflammatory agents and many other benefits.


This summer fruit is refreshing to have

Seeing the benefits of both curd and lychee, it definitely has a lot of benefits. And for summers, both these things together give a refreshing, cooling and sweet taste. Try making this lychee raita this season.

Here’s the recipe of lychee raita:

For this recipe, you would require two cups of chopped lychee, one and a half cup of yoghurt, one spoon of sugar, one cup of grated carrot, salt and chilli according to taste.

1. In a blender, mix yoghurt and sugar.

2. Pour the mix into a bowl, and then add your chopped lychees into it.

3. Add salt and chilli according to your taste.

4. Garnish it with chopped carrots and enjoy your lychee raita!


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