Survey: Every third German wear ironed underwear!


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Every country has its clichés. We Germans are supposed to be punctual, accurate, dogged and hardworking. A recent survey by the Swiss ironing system manufacturer Laurastar has now partially confirmed this, because the survey revealed that Germans spend an average of around three hours a week on the ironing board. And more shocking is that every third German wear ironed underwear.

64 percent said that they even had fun! That probably also explains why every third German in the survey said that he even ironed his underwear. He revealed that it kills the germs and it prevent in causing skin diseases. But since most ladies are totally uncomfortable with hanging their underwear in direct sunlight to dry properly, the best solution is to iron the middle part when they are dried to help remove moisture as well as kill any bacteria in the fabric. Ironing will also leave your underwear wrinkle-free.

Here, however, we are surpassed by the French, where every second person uses ironed underwear!

It is also interesting that 94 percent of Germans iron their jeans and there wasn’t a single person who doesn’t iron their shirts. Well, the survey was also commissioned by a manufacturer of irons … More than 2,000 households in Germany, France and Switzerland were surveyed

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