There is no getting around the fact that global warming is one of the biggest threats that the planet faces, and as such, some of the brightest people in the world are working towards creating solutions to limit the world’s carbon footprint as much as possible. The facts behind global warming are reasonably complex, and thinking of potential solutions is incredibly difficult. Some of the technology that has been made, though, is incredibly promising as it can be implemented into people’s everyday lives, the manufacture of buildings, and the transportation that we use.

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Solar Glass

Solar power has been in frequent use for many years, to the point that SAVKAT, a solar energy provider, is frequently installing solar panels onto people’s properties. This is obviously a great start, but moving forward, the plan is to use solar glass in the building of skyscrapers. This is going to be possible following the finalisation of solar glass, which is an emerging piece of technology that’s exactly what it sounds like, a solar panel but contained within glass. This would make it so that skyscrapers would be able to generate their own energy.

Fake Meat

There are a lot of benefits to having a plant-based diet, and as such, meat-eaters everywhere are being encouraged to try and cut down on the amount they consume. That manifests itself now as having an occasional day dedicated to not eating meat every week; however, this is likely not going to need to be the case moving forward as the quality of fake meat is improving massively. There are a lot of organisations that are proficient at making plant-based meat that is so tasty that people are now struggling to tell the difference.

Artificial Intelligence

Sure, you may be wondering how we can save the planet using AI when it has been predicted as our downfall in sci-fi movies for years. The fact is, AI would be great for the planet as it can be made to focus on four key areas: biodiversity, climate, water, and agriculture. This will allow researchers to plant new forests but with precise layouts in order to maximise the amount of carbon they produce.

AI is also going to change agricultural practices and how we farm. We will begin to reduce how much we rely on pesticides and drastically lower our water consumption as a result. It will also be able to make autonomous vehicles navigate more efficiently, lowering air pollution.


There are a lot of threats that our planet currently faces; however, one of the biggest in the modern age is certainly that of global warming. Global warming is now such a threat to the planet that people all over the world are committing their time to developing technology that will be proficient in combatting it and lowering the earth’s carbon footprint as a result. This technology can come in the form of solar panels, glass, artificial intelligence, and fake meat.


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