Teleshopping, Shopping in the livestream: Is teleshopping back?


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Typical teleshopping seems to be finding its way into the 21st century: via the live stream. As is the case in our time and with constant technical progress, online trading is also just getting an upgrade. Now you can shop online in real time via a live stream. This is teleshopping 2.0!

In China, the whole thing has long been a real hype, generating huge sums of sales, while influencers and shoppers meet to shop in real time in the live stream. This is exactly what sets livestream shopping apart from classic online shopping: You meet virtually, you communicate and interact and, so to speak, go shopping together with a large group of people.

What the livestream makes possible is always impressive. Nowadays, various fashion labels hold their fashion shows online in a live stream , so that you can see the latest fashion pieces from all over the world live. But the technology is also causing a sensation in many other industries. Now it also seems to be turning online shopping upside down.

The trend from China

In the Far East, shopping in the live stream has long been incredibly widespread, popular and successful. Here shopping online becomes a real event. Influencers film themselves live there while they try on different items of clothing and use cosmetic products. They present the products – just like teleshopping. The striking difference? The whole thing takes place in real time, which creates a direct exchange. Every viewer can ask their questions live or express wishes and opinions, to which the host and other viewers can react directly live.

There the hosts are real professionals who turn the shopping event into a real party. And it goes down well: For example, 15,000 lipsticks were sold there via live stream within five minutes. The order then runs directly through the video with just a few clicks. Not only is it fun, it’s easy too. Many like to take part. If, as a customer, you also know the influencer in front of the camera, you are convinced even faster of everything that they are presenting. It’s a lot more fun than just scrolling through online shops.

Now Teleshopping also in Germany

What has long been a trend in China is still a tiny niche in Germany. But teleshopping 2.0 is slowly coming into our realms. The pioneers were Skechers and Orsay, who held such livestream shopping events in Germany for the first time in 2019 and 2020. Influencers both appeared in front of the camera and invited viewers on a virtual shopping tour. In the meantime, even more companies have joined. For example, Amazon now has its own live stream platform, Amazon Live, which can be used for the new way of shopping. Facebook is now also banking on the trend. Together with Anne Klein, they have already held their first live shopping series. With Tchibo Live, the coffee specialist is now also involved.

Is the livestream the future of shopping?

Will online shopping be fundamentally changed as a result of the live stream? Will scrolling through online shops soon be a thing of the past while we all shop online in a Tupperware-style live stream? We’ll have to wait and see whether this will happen. However, the booming market in China shows that the potential can be immense. In Germany there is still a lack of both technical implementation and people’s attention. If we’re honest, after all, hardly anyone has gotten wind of it here.

But the livestream shows unbelievable potential, especially at the moment, and is in the process of turning many an experience upside down. Let’s just take a look at all of the live streams and videos from concerts and shows that can now be viewed online worldwide. This brings the concert stage directly to us in the living room. But that is not the only evening program that can now be experienced virtually. Because the world of casinos already offers virtual experiences. In some of the best online casinos rated by expertsthere is a large selection of casino games that can be played online. With the live casino, which is offered at Lucky Days, for example, players can conjure up a real croupier via a live stream in their own four walls and thus feel the casino atmosphere at home. A lot of fitness and yoga studios are now running the same concept. Some of the most popular providers such as Gymondo or FitnessRAUM offer sports courses with real trainers via videos and live streams so that you can visit the gym at home. These examples clearly show one thing: the live stream came to stay, so it could well have a lot of potential when shopping online.

Teleshopping has made it into the age of digitization. What was previously a linear television program is now an interactive online live stream. Here people from all over Germany meet online to shop online together in real time. We are very excited to see how this trend will develop.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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