Do you like it when you are thanked? When a person from the bottom of his heart is sincerely glad to help or buy his product. Perhaps such gratitude can cheer you up even on the gloomiest day. And the place where you get it will remain in your memory. After a while, you will want to return to it again and get another positive charge.

This is one of the main tasks of the Thank You Page. By adding it to the site, you can easily gain the trust of customers and increase their loyalty to the company. Also, having thanked the user for the order, it is enough to simply motivate him to make new purchases. To do this, the buttons “Continue shopping” or “Return to the store” will be enough.

What is a Thank You, Page?

A thank you page is a separate page (or popup) that a user comes to after making a purchase or placing an order. This is a helper page that makes it clear to the client that his application has been successfully submitted and will be contacted shortly. Sometimes these pages are also called: “Thank you pages”, “Success page”, “Thank you page” or “Sencupage”.

Why is a thank you page needed?

The main task of the thank you page is to confirm any action on the site. However, its essence is not only this. Let’s say you went to the site, selected products, put them in the cart, and left a request. A modest, almost invisible inscription appeared in the feedback form: “The message was successfully sent.” What emotions will this evoke in you? Do you want to continue shopping? Or the inscription was left without attention, and you are wondering whether it was worth making an order?

A blank or barely visible page will not resonate with the client. Without working through the thank you page, you might miss out on the opportunity to continue the user experience. This means that time and effort are wasted. Moreover, a poor-quality page leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. There will be doubts, a desire to cancel or cancel the order.

Note that initially, the user has an interest in the product. He looked at the site, he was satisfied with the description, type, and cost of the product, he is ready to make a purchase. So why not put in a bit of effort and create a good thank you page? Let the client not only make one order but also come back to you again, advise friends and relatives.

From this, it follows that the “Thank you page” is required not just to confirm this or that action on the site. It is needed to further promote the client along the sales funnel. It is she who motivates him to make new purchases, to get acquainted with the assortment that he has not seen. And it is on it that you should offer a discount, promotional code or promotional product.

What to write on the thank you page?

The text and format of the page depend entirely on the goals pursued. Each page has its message and is designed to perform specific tasks. To understand how to design a page and what should be written on it, it is worth figuring out what functions it will perform. Below we provide a list of functions that the thanks page can perform:

Increasing the value of the proposal. The client went to the site, made a purchase, and after that saw a thank you page with a nice bonus. This can be a checklist, a link to download an e-book, instructions for using a product, or a training video. Little things like that increase loyalty and increase repeat sales.

Additional sales. After making a purchase, you can invite the person to purchase additional accessories or give a discount on their next purchase. Such a bonus does not call the client to buy something right away, however, information about the displayed assortment and the discount will remain in his memory.

Posting reviews. Often, reviews are replaced on the site itself and are visible even before the purchase is made. So why show them after purchase? They help to enhance the positive impression of the order made. If a person doubted whether he should take the goods or not, then after seeing the response, doubts will pass. After all, the review was written by the same buyer and he was satisfied with the service, quality, and product choice.

Subscribe to the newsletter. On such a page, you can announce the mailing list and add a form for entering mail. By offering to subscribe to an email newsletter on the thank you page, you will show the advantages of long-term cooperation with the company. This could be a newsletter with helpful content or articles if the site sells courses. It can also be discount brochures for online stores.

Show of care and attention. It is not necessary to give discounts or additional bonuses on the thank you page. Sometimes it is enough to correctly thank the client for the order. Show that the same people work with him, and the site is not faceless and the client’s mood is really important to you. This gratitude can be backed up by helpful articles, links, videos, or infographics.

Social media advertising. Subscribing to the company’s social networks will perfectly help to promote the client along the sales funnel. After placing an order, he will see buttons with links to additional resources and subscribe to them. This simple action does not oblige you to anything, but if necessary, customers will return to you. Indeed, for a long time, the company’s posts were in the user’s feed. And it’s the name of your site that pops up in your head first.

Getting feedback. Customers don’t leave reviews? So remind them of this! Add a form to fill out the thank you page, let the person share their first impressions of the company. For the feedback left, it is worth offering a small discount. It will increase motivation and stimulate additional sales.


Now you know what a thank you page is and why it plays an essential role on the site. Take some time to create several “Thank you pages” for different actions on the site. Take care of your client and he will come back to you again!

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