The 5 beautiful lakes in Russia that will leave you dazed


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The 5 beautiful lakes in Russia that will leave you dazed: Russia is a vast country that has a unique natural landscape. The country is also blessed with lakes and rivers. It is said that Russia has one of the largest drainage systems in the world. And lakes occupy most of the territory. The country has a massive number of lakes, both big and small. However, we have listed five beautiful lakes that are worth visiting and will leave you in awe. If you like to visit those lakes in Russia, go to: for more information.

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The 5 beautiful lakes in Russia that will leave you dazed

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is renowned worldwide, and it is found in Siberia. When it comes to this lake, there is so much to unravel. First, the lake is the deepest in the world and home to various animal and plant species. In addition, it is also known for its water clarity and is known to have the largest freshwater.

Lake Baikal

A visit to this lake will leave you mesmerized and amazed by its size. If you like kayaking or boat cruises, it would be best to visit this lake during summer. And during winter you can visit caves such as Tazheran Steppes. Note that during winter, the lake freezes.If you would like to have good access to Great Baikal Trail, it would be best to visit from the middle of June to October.

Lake Onega

Lake Onega is found in Kizhi Island and is the second-largest lake in Europe. The lake originated through a glacier and is known for its rich biodiversity. Along the lake, it has a spectacular forest that has different species of plants and animals. This lake will leave you in awe with its beautiful landscape and scenic view. So, if you are visiting Russia, this lake would be a great place to visit.

The five beautiful lakes in Russia

Lake Chany

Lake Chany is a saltwater lake found in Novosibirsk. The lake is one of the renowned lakes in Russia. In addition, it is a popular spot for visitors because of its beautiful scenery around. If you are looking for a breather, you should visit this lake. The place is a treat to ease your mind and enjoy the beauty around you.

Lake Nero

Lake Nero is one of the most seasoned lakes in Russia and is found in Yaroslavl Oblast. The name of the lake is derived from the Merya clan that lives on the southern shores. Because of the significant presence of sediments inside, they named the lake Nero.

Lake Nero offers a unique experience, and it’s worth visiting. It is also famous for having two islands: Gorodskoj and Lvovky, within the lake. You will also visit ancient towns with beautiful architecture. The lake offers so much, and it’s worth a visit.

Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga is the largest lake in Europe, and it is a freshwater lake. It is located near St. Petersburg. It is also known to have around 660 islands within the lake. And one of the well-known islands is Valaam Archipelago. It attracts many tourists because of its rich heritage and beauty.

If you visit Russia, you should see this lake. You will enjoy its expansive beauty and the calmness it offers. In addition, you can explore the monastery and churches that date to 16th and 17th centuries. If you love history, this is a place worth visiting.

Closing Notes

These are the five beautiful lakes that are worth visiting if you tour Russia. Each lake offers a different unique experience. So, if you plan to visit Russia, make sure to tour these lakes. Before you start your tour, make sure to have a proper Russian travel visa. It offers five types of visas, and if your purpose is only for tourism, you can get a tourist visa specifically meant for tourists.

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