The 8 Step Process to Efficient Mobile Game Development


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The mobile app development market is vast, with an array of different app genres. Entrepreneurs and mobile app development companies are constantly working to bring something creative and unique to the table in this busy market. 

With the changing mobile app trends, we have seen an incline and decline in many app genres. Earlier, texting applications like hike were quite famous for their stickers. However, people now prefer using just WhatsApp since it offers everything any other messaging platform does. 

Now, we can see a massive spike in e-commerce applications. Gone are the days when we had to go out to buy things like groceries and clothing; people now prefer to order it in. 

While the application industry has seen many trends that came and went, one app genre never faded away, and it’s- gaming! 

From playing snakes and eggs on our old phones to playing counterstrike in our gaming laptops, we have continuously played digital games for entertainment. Why? Because the gaming industry has always adapted to the changing needs. 

So this makes one thing clear for all entrepreneurs, games can never go out of trend. 

If you wish to get into a digital business, start by developing your own gaming application. You can find a mobile applications development company to help you out in the game development process.

Although you can leave everything to the company you hire, you must know the fundamentals of gaming app development. 

Eight steps to an efficient gaming app: 

Work on your idea: 

Ideation is the foundation of your mobile application. There are many mobile apps in the market; for you to stand out, it is essential to base your application on a killer idea. Although there is no structured process to ideation, you must follow what you think is right. However, make sure that the idea you come up with is profitable to both your users and your company. 

It is best if you improve an existing idea rather than completely shrugging it off and ideating from scratch. 

Tell a story:

You can only stand in the gaming app industry if you have a story to tell. Make sure whatever game you choose, your main character must have a story, a purpose to fulfil. 

To must take your users through a journey, only then would your users play the game until the end. 

Creating a story is simple; just ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Who are your heroes and villains?
  2. Why are they fighting?
  3. What are their weaknesses and strengths?
  4. The process through which the hero will achieve victory. 

Make it addictive and easy: 

Adding a minor addiction to your mobile app game can make your company go a long way. An excellent mobile app development company would always suggest you add real-life art style to your game while making it fun and fast-paced. Remember, the difficulty level must gradually increase, or else users may lose their interest. 

To continue making your game attractive, create short levels and keep unlocking content at gradual stages. 

Find the key platforms: 

Finding the right platform for your mobile application is the key to its success. If you target it at the right people, it will generate buzz. 

You must choose whether to base your application on Android, iOS, or Windows. The market stats for these platforms suggest two game players in the operating systems industry- iOS and Android. 

Now you can choose to develop a hybrid app, but it will cost more. So just do your market research properly, check if your target audience uses Android or iOS, and then develop your app.

Decide your monetization strategy:

There are a lot of games that are not profitable for the entrepreneur. And as we mentioned before, you must choose an industry that is profitable for both the users and your company. 

So it would help if you made a strategy to get returns on your investment. 

You can integrate the following income-generating methods into your application: 

  1. In-app purchases
  2. Advertisements within the application
  3. Premium or paid versions with added functionalities
mobile app development

Decide your technology:

The technology you will use for your gaming application plays the most crucial role in your journey to success. 

If you choose a technology that is not competent, you will end up facing many major issues with your application, like a lag, lousy UI/UX, and even a breakdown of your app. In short, your application’s usability will depend upon the technology you choose. 

You can make your choice from the following options: 

  1. Native: Refers to applications that run only on one single platform. Native applications are coded for a specific platform (iOS or Android) and can only function the chosen OS. Use Java for Android and Swift for iOS to develop your native app.
  1. Hybrid: A hybrid application refers to an app that shares the same code base but runs on both platforms. Hybrid application development may cost more than Native app development but is an excellent option if you wish to cater to a more extensive audience base. 
  1. HTML: Mobile app development uses web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML5. The technology uses a write-once run everywhere concept. So it works great in creating a cross-platform application. 

Choose the right mobile apps development company:

Your project partner plays a significant role in determining where your application will go in the future. Ensure the mobile app development company you hire to build your gaming application has relevant knowledge of your niche. 

They should have at least 10+ years of experience in mobile app development and a show-worthy portfolio. 


The eight gradual steps mentioned in this article are a full-proof method of developing a great gaming mobile application. If you take these steps one by one and give substantial time and thoughts to each phase, you will develop an excellent gaming application. 

Also, remember, it is crucial to find the right technical partner for your application. Otherwise, you expose your project to failure possibilities. 

Information combined with expertise can do wonders for your app and make your users fall in love with it.

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