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There is always talk of a balanced, healthy or light diet. But which of these actually bring something – and above all, what do you have to understand by the respective terms? A principle that you hear very often, for example, is that fruits and vegetables should be particularly good and healthy. They all contain certain vitamins. Carrots are known for the vitamin A, which makes you see better. Oranges are said to contain a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens the body’s defenses and thus the immune system.

The vitamin content of vegetables and fruits can indeed be proven. But in addition to the commonly known fruits, there are also much stronger sources for the respective vitamins. The fact that these are generally a little less known is due to the fact that they are not suitable for immediate consumption. This also applies to plants that are used as spices. Hardly anyone would think of eating nettles straight away. This is very different with parsley, wild garlic or Brussels sprouts.

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The symbolized fertility

The most common fruit in most parts of the world is the apple. It’s more than just part of the menu. It is one of the ultimate symbols for fertility and for that reason alone has a very high status. Just as one perceives the apple when eating, it is also often represented in culture, for example in literature. It is juicy, sweet and gives the body strength and stamina again. It is therefore not surprising that the apple is also very popular with athletes. And if you don’t want a whole apple, then at least apple juice.

From a literary point of view, the roles are defined very similarly. The apple is generally considered to be the king of fruits. He is a symbol of beauty, luck and power. Under the heading of fertility, it also plays an important role in love – a role that is occasionally influenced by temptation. The expression of the apple of contention comes from Greek mythology, which apparently even triggered a war at that time.

When the first slot machines – of course still mechanical at the time – appeared at the end of the 19th century, symbols such as luck also played a role in the design of the symbols. This is how the fruit slots, which today are mostly referred to as true classics, were first created. These have been able to hold up wonderfully to this day. In the NetBet online game library , for example, you will find numerous titles in the slots that were inspired by fruits and are still among the most popular games. These include, for example, Fruit Mania Deluxe or Fruity Gold. In addition to apples, you can also find cherries, melons and oranges.

The ultimate vitamin bombs

If it were up to the vitamin content of the fruits and vegetables, it would be symbols other than apples and oranges that have been playfully processed. The fruits with the highest vitamin C content include some berries, for example acerola. This is followed by rose hips and the berries of sea buckthorn. Exactly where on the ranking of the most vitamin-rich fruits the apple is to be placed depends on the respective variety. The front runner is the well-known Braeburn variety, with around 30 to 35 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams. Orange contains a little more vitamin C, with around 50 milligrams per 100 grams of fruit.

The berries mentioned all have a multiple of the vitamin C content of an apple. Instead of simply being consumed, they are therefore much more likely to end up in dietary supplements, for example as a powder or in the production of ice cream or jam. The rose hip in particular is very often processed into jam, but is sometimes also used as a medicinal plant. While the jam enhances the appetite and is very tasty, an infusion of dried rosehip peel promotes the healing of cold symptoms, among other things. 

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