The best 10 tips for skin care in winter


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The temperatures drop, the air becomes dry and our skin is therefore particularly stressed in winter. It is, therefore, all the more important to cleanse and care for your skin accordingly during the cold season.

Why does the skin need different care in winter than in summer?

The dry and cold air outside puts more stress on our skin than warm temperatures. In addition, there is the warm heating air, which we are usually exposed to more often in winter than in summer. The skin loses moisture due to the low temperatures and the resulting narrowing of the blood vessels. So that your skin doesn’t look dry and rough, you should start right here and attach great importance to appropriate care.

To make this as easy as possible for you, we would like to give you ten tips on how you can best care for your skin in winter. When it comes to care, it is particularly important to start as early as possible and to give your skin the moisture it needs in good time.

The best 10 tips for skin care in winter
The best 10 tips for skin care in winter

The best 10 tips for skin care in winter

Tip 1: Make sure you have an extensive evening routine for care!

Your skin is more receptive to moisture in the evening than in the morning, so it is best to use a moisturizing cream in the evening. In addition, you can also cleanse your face with a suitable cleansing lotion and possibly a facial toner. When choosing products, make sure they have a high content of urea, glycerine or lactate. These substances enable the skin to absorb moisture better and finally let it shine again.
Worth knowing: It is particularly important to apply the cream to rough and cracked areas of the body, including the hands, elbows and lips. In your evening routine, you should not only take care of your face but also other areas!

Tip 2: Moisturizing cream as a basis for make-up!

As you’ve already learned, your skin needs more moisture in winter. Therefore it is not only important to apply the cream to your skin in the evening, but you should also use a moisturizing cream during the day. However, let the cream soak in well before you apply your make-up for the day. Otherwise, unsightly smear or stains will form on the skin, which will ruin your make-up.

Tip 3: Choose the right products for your skin

You can treat your skin with all sorts of products that are supposed to work against dry skin. But if these products just don’t suit you, you won’t be successful. It is, therefore, best to seek advice from a beautician, family doctor or pharmacist and choose the right products for you. Of course, you can also try the various drugstore offers. However, it can take some time until you have found a suitable product and you will also have to spend significantly more money.
It also makes sense to coordinate a line of skincare products. This means that you have a cleansing gel and a facial toner that have the same or complementary ingredients. In this way, you avoid buying products that do not meet the requirements of your skin.
Good to know: A mask or a moisturizing ampoule can be particularly helpful for acute, dry skin. Take some time to apply this to your face and you will already notice a significant difference after the exposure time.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to remove your make-up!

If you like to use make-up, you should remove make-up thoroughly in the evening. Whether with a suitable washing lotion or make-up removal pads, the main thing is that the make-up comes from the skin. Otherwise your evening routine will make no sense and your skin will not be able to properly absorb the nourishing ingredients of the cream or serum for facial care from ACO Skincare. In addition, your skin can only breathe with difficulty under make-up and should at least be able to take a deep breath at night to be able to shine again in the morning.
Worth knowing: Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, give your skin a break from make-up so that it can regenerate in between.

The best 10 tips for skin care in winter
The best 10 tips for skin care in winter

Tip 5: Don’t forget sun protection even in winter!

You should not only wear sunscreen when the weather is good but also when there is no sun. Because your skin is very sensitive and pigment spots can appear without sun protection. To prevent this, a sufficient sun protection factor of at least 15 is recommended.
Good to know: If you don’t like the feeling of sunscreen on your face, there are also day creams that already have a low sun protection factor. There are now even tinted creams with a sun protection factor, so you should definitely find something.

Tip 6: increase the humidity in rooms!

As you have already learned, heating air is not particularly good for your skin. To counteract this, you can set up humidifiers in the room or hang them on your heater. Humidifiers are beneficial for cats and dogs, as well. If you don’t want to spend additional money, bowls filled with water, which you place on the heater, are also suitable. As soon as the water is empty, you should refill the bowls.

Tip 7: drink enough-The best 10 tips for skin care in winter

No matter how well you take care of your skin, if your body has a lack of moisture from the inside, your skin will still look dry. That is why you should drink enough every day, i.e. at least 1.5, or even better, 2 liters. If you find it difficult to drink, you can use unsweetened teas or water with a light taste.
Good to know: A glass of water with a slice of lemon or a piece of ginger provides that special freshness kick in the morning.

Tip 8: Eat a healthy and balanced diet!

As with drinking, a healthy diet is extremely important for our body. Take your time to eat a balanced diet and make sure you chew consciously when eating. This makes digestion easier for your body and ensures a smooth metabolism in the body. Because digestion also contributes enormously to the texture of your skin and in the worst case can cause pimples and acne.
Worth knowing: If you have problems with your skin not only in winter, it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at this point and to consciously change something in your diet. Small changes, such as fewer sweets or fast food, can often have a big impact.

The best 10 tips for skin care in winter

Tip 9: work up a sweat!

Sport is also a great opportunity to challenge the body and keep it healthy. Sport keeps us fit and also creates a better mood. In addition, your skin is better supplied with blood through the exertion and sweat and therefore gains moisture. So if you want to do something good for your skin, you can do it with a short exercise session a day.

Of course, if you don’t like exercising, you don’t have to force yourself to do it. There are other ways to make the body sweat. For example, you can do your skin a favour with a relaxing wellness day in a sauna Sydney and really pamper it. Because even in the sauna, the blood circulation in your skin is promoted, which is also increased by the subsequent cooling.

Tip 10: Make sure you get enough and restful sleep!

The last tip sounds so simple, but it’s also particularly important. During sleep, our body and skin can regenerate and shine again the next morning. When it comes to sleep, it is not only the length of time that is decisive, which should be between eight and nine hours. It also depends on the quality of sleep. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, find it difficult to fall asleep, or wake up early before the alarm clock, this can have a negative impact on your well-being. It is particularly important in the cold season to be in a good mood despite the lack of sunlight. The winter months can be very hard and exhausting and not only challenge the body but also the psyche. You should therefore attach great importance to restful sleep and possibly also look at tips on

Closing Notes: The best 10 tips for skin care in winter

These were our ten tips for skincare in winter, with which you will hopefully soon be able to shine inside and out again! We wish you a lot of fun trying out the tips and would be happy if we could help you.

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