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Interior Designers: Millennials want to photograph Instagrammable locations, senior folks want to construct quiet rooms, and the majority of people simply want to keep up with current interior design trends, and 2022 is a refreshing bucket of unique ideas and décor recommendations that has something for everyone.

Many people wish to design their rooms using popular interior arts like Fengshui or Vaastu Shastra, which may be elegantly combined with this year’s trends. According to the best interior designers in Chennai, 2022 interior design trends include bringing back a few oldies, getting comfy with timeless classics, and adding refreshing and newer ones that will offer you a delightful mix of then and now.

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Drawing our attention to the current interior design ideas for 2022, here are the top seven tips from the best interior designers in Chennai to help you determine which one is appropriate for your interiors in Chennai.

Brown Tones

Brown is such a versatile hue that it can be used for almost any mood or theme. Welcoming and warm, any hue of brown is always safe, and not to mention earthy. Because pastels are making a comeback, caramel is the trendiest brown colour this season, followed by chocolate.

This year, neutrals are taking a back seat as individuals enjoy their colour experimentation. However, natural-looking colours will remain. After all, less really is more!

All Pastels, All the Time

The best interior designers in Chennai say that pastel hues are a terrific way to bring vibrancy to a room without going overboard with bright colours. Pastels perform the quiet talking in your house; they don’t say much yet manage to capture your attention. Don’t worry, bright colours are also making a big comeback this year, but for now, stick with quirky pastels.

Pastel colours, which range from blues and greens to warmer pinks and yellows, are a major trend for 2022 and will be around for a long. They cater to a wide variety of individuals, enhancing elegance while breaking age-old monotonies of whites and beige, bringing a ‘pop’ of colour into your houses. Breaking up the monotony, energising pastel tones catch the attention of guests, and who doesn’t like having their home praised?

Best Interior Designers In Chennai

Multipurpose Spaces

Multi-functional rooms are a popular interior design idea that arose as a result of the pandemic that kept us all at home. As we go into the depths of diverse settings, creativity emerges, instilling the all-around roles a space may do and how adaptable a human can be. This need has developed as a significant trend in recent years, allowing for the dual usage of areas in one’s house.

The best interior designers in Chennai believe that living rooms and dining rooms used to be common, particularly in apartments, but now you may have study spaces within bedrooms, bars within kitchens, living rooms opening onto balconies, home offices within living rooms, and almost any room in your home can be used for dual or triple purposes.

Home Automation

Despite the fact that technology has advanced to new levels, its entrance into private residences was quite late. More individuals have been making their houses smart in recent years, but this year, it is nearly an unavoidable trend.

A smart home will allow you to control all of your appliances and devices, such as televisions, music systems, lighting, curtains, and so on, with a single click on your smartphone. This is all the rage in 2022, as the globe shifts toward smart living and technological aid assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home make things even simpler. Previously, you had to use your phones to turn on lights or pull curtains.

All you have to do now with these assistants is command them verbally, and the task will be completed. The best interior designers in Chennai say that this year, smart homes are a hot topic to keep an eye on.

Mindful Homes

Wondering how this one landed on the list of interior design trends? We’ll tell you how. We all want our homes to be our peaceful sanctuaries. This sentiment emerged through a trend involving the Danish principle of Hygge, which implies living in harmony with your environment.

If you want to give your home a peaceful upgrade, interior designers in Chennai believe that finding the right colours is of utmost importance. While neutral colours like beige and tan are always a safe bet, you need to find the right colours that suit your temperament. While blues and purples might work for some people, others might find corals and pinks more appealing. The idea is to choose the hues that sit well with your personality and incorporate them into your design.


Sustainability is becoming more of a need than a fad in the field of design, and the phrase is used loosely. It is the way ahead in a long-term green strategy, and it will be a roaring interior design trend in 2022. According to the best interior designers in Chennai, to properly implement this in your interior design in Chennai, you must select an energy-efficient design that will significantly minimise the demand for heating, lighting, and appliances.

Choosing non-toxic or low biocide paints can reduce your environmental impact, as will opting for eco-friendly materials that are upcycled, recycled, and reused, such as bioglass, reclaimed wood, jute, and so on. While you’re doing your part to help the environment, be sure your resources come from certified sources.

So, here you go! These were some great home décor tips from the best interior designers in Chennai. If these tips have got you excited about giving your home a fresh new look, get in touch with a professional interior design company like Livspace today. Livspace is one of the most trusted interior design firms in the country, providing end-to-end interior design services for all your décor needs.

Visit their website to know more about their offerings!

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