The Best JBL Speakers In 2021 | Complete review


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So you need a new wireless speaker and you have noticed that JBL has many different types of locks. Which wireless JBL speakers do you need? Ok, we will help sort that out for you.

JBL is one of the oldest watchdogs in speaker technology – the company has been around for decades. Now the undisputed king of Bluetooth speakers for the mass market.

wireless JBL speakers have made a name for themselves on the quality level in terms of waterproofing, visual features, and reliable performance.

Now that they are part of Samsung, a lot of R&D money has reached JBL’s speaker segment and they have started releasing better drivers and configurations to pair their speakers with modern smartphones.

JBL Charge4

First of all, the Charge 4 is probably the best speaker for the best price in the entire line of wireless JBL speakers. Despite some trade-offs, it offers very good sound quality, excellent battery life.

and some features that make life very enjoyable. For example, IPX7 waterproofing, USB-C charging, and the ability to use the speaker’s battery to charge your phone can become a powerful speaker.

Using its predecessor Charge 3 very often, I can tell you that this model is the best you can get for under $ 200. It goes everywhere and bounces above its weight class.

JBL Pulse4

If you are looking for a smaller one, the JBL Pulse 4 is a very unique speaker. In addition to all the standard features provided by a wireless JBL speaker, the Pulse 4 features an all-body LED light display that allows you to keep a small display for yourself while listening.

The JBL Pulse 3 also has this capability, but is not entirely “full-body” and has a small number of its own. However, if the lack of a display at the bottom of the unit is good for you, you may want to save yourself some money and if you want something similar to the Pulse 4, you can grab an old Pulse 3 for sale.

JBL Flip4

Contrary to popular belief, the new is not always the equivalent of “good”. In the case of JBL’s Flip Series, we really like Flip 4 for Flip 5, only for audio quality and smart speakers. However, keep in mind that JBL plans to discontinue Flip 4 soon. You can restore it for a long time.

This small speaker is still IPX7 waterproof, and has microphones inside, allowing you to use this unit as a speakerphone in a pinch. Although it does not have the best audio quality, it is very powerful for such a small speaker and its bass response is enough to activate anyone. For less than $ 100 it is a theft, and one of the best travel buddies, because it is so small.

JBL Clip 3 speakers

Talking about the small, JBL Clip 3 is the smallest wireless JBL speaker on this list. It does not compete with the Xtreme 2, does not make you forget about the charge or flip – sometimes you do not have a ton of money and need something to fill the void.

Clip 3 may not be a powerhouse, but it’s a great choice for casual listeners. Did you know that everyone in the shower, backyard, or annoyance has your metro (ed. Note: We at SoundGues do not have the official attitude to listen to public speakers here, but think, eh?)

What you need to know about wireless JBL speakers:

The speakers listed above represent a good cross-section of the company’s offerings, but they are not comprehensive. In fact, they have very large party speakers for a significant increase in output and cost.

We thought most people would find their toes – and so to speak – wanting to start with the wet little one. For example, hanging with a shower speaker or pool.

If you are looking for a powerful wireless speaker to start a neighborhood war, check out the party speaker lineup instead of the options listed here.

While they are much larger and more powerful than all the speakers on this list, they also have interesting features such as lights, microphone/guitar inputs, DJ sample pads, and more. Of course, these speakers anywhere from 300 to 1,300 USD, so you definitely have to pay for what you get.

Additionally, this list does not cover studio monitors, because, get it: Wireless speakers are not the right tools for the job. Look instead at JBL’s powered display line if you need a set of desktop monitors for audio output.

Recovered from JBL if you can:

Time is tough, and losing money upon money is a really bitter pill to swallow. If you can, I always recommend looking for refurbished units – JBL’s refurbished program offers you a way to save some more money through Amazon or other third party retailers.

It is environmentally friendly because it helps protect the speaker from being thrown out.

In addition to saving a few bucks, you also get the guarantee of a check product that works with JBL warranty support. This is a good perk (and within a few days of the shipping delay) at the expense of some scams that happen here and there.

Additionally, some people may not like the change in speaker designs offered by Charge 4, Pulse 4, and Flip 5. If you are fine with micro USB charging and want a speaker with two channels instead of one, buy the refurbished ones. The best way to catch one of the ancestors of these models.


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