The USA is said to have some of the world’s most liberal gun laws. This is somewhat of a misnomer, and the use, purchase, and storage of firearms in the USA are as strict as those anywhere else. There are simply increased freedoms or rights that are then bound to certain responsibilities of those who are gun owners. It is also essential to know and understand the law in relation to firearm ownership and gun ownership, both to be in a position to debate them but also to be able to keep on the right side of these laws if you’re a gun owner.

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Who can own a gun

The basis of gun ownership is enshrined in the US Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, to be exact, allows for the people to keep and to bear arms. The 1968 gun-control Act regulates gun ownership at the federal level and notes that citizens and legal residents must be at least 18 years of age to have access to shotguns, rifles, or ammunition, but all other forms such as handguns can only be sold to those over the age of 21.

Furthermore, and in relation to both these categories, a license is issued by the ATF for sellers of firearms. Be sure that whoever you buy a firearm from has the right certifications and registrations to be a legal seller of the firearms.

What type of gun

There are certain restrictions on various states as to the type of firearm that you can purchase and own. Check your state’s laws concerning 80% Glock style pistols, and be sure that the gun that you have bought or made is actually legal in your state before you buy all the parts or finalize the purchase. While the sale and purchase of semi-automatic weapons are legal in most states, again, be sure to read the state-specific laws to be sure of the type of firearm allowed in your specific locale.

Other interesting stats and facts about gun laws

  • California will require a permit holder to have written and passed a test and done a gun safety. You will have to pass the test and be able to cogently understand the laws and regulations before you will get a permit.
  • Virtually no state will require a license or permit for rifle or shotgun, premised on the use of these firearms for hunting and livelihoods in many states.
  • No restrictions or background checks are required for firearms and handguns given as gifts as long as the recipient meets the specific state and federal requirements.
  • Guns are your responsibility as much as they are your rights.
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Although specific regulations vary from state to state, such as the manner in which arms can be carried, the general and basic minimum regulations are those as contained and elaborated upon in this article. The best advice that you can get is to know what the laws are and how best to protect yourself, as well as to ensure that you have bought the right firearm for yourself.

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