In its most original sense, paydirt refers to soil or earth containing any kind of precious mineable resource in it, which in most instances is gold. Now, it should be noted that the term could be much older in origin, but we do have a fair estimation regarding when paydirt became popular as a word that designates gold bearing earth.

It likely goes back by well over 170 years in the past, as that is when the Great Gold Rush (the late 1840s – mid-1850s) in America and Australia popularised it, while also associating paydirt with gold bearing dirt by default. Over time, paydirt as a term has developed plenty of figurative meanings, but to panners across the world, it still means the same thing as it did in the mid-1800s.

What Exactly is Bagged Paydirt Then?

Bagged paydirt is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a bag or jar full of natural gold bearing paydirt that is collected, packed and delivered to the buyer. As long as you are buying genuine gold bearing dirt from Irwin’s Paydirt, each pack will come with the guarantee that the buyer will be able to find unsearched, natural gold in them. There are several levels of expertise associated with these bags of paydirt, so it is advisable that panners choose a level while buying that is adequate for their respective level of experience.

Why Should Panners Consider Bagged Paydirt?

Panning for gold is a popular hobby even today, although it is a niche category. However, you will never hear panners complain about that fact, since competition is not what they have anything to benefit from obviously! Unfortunately, the usual risks associated with panning had already made things quite difficult for panning enthusiasts, but increasing restrictions have only further decreased the viability of pursuing the hobby with any degree of enthusiasm.

Despite everything, gold panning still had its sweet spots for those that knew where to look for it, but the pandemic has meddled with that too. Panners should consider buying genuine gold bearing dirt from authentic sellers because it allows them to enjoy their hobby at home, even when they are unable to travel or access their favourite panning spots like before.

Beyond Covid: Staying in Touch with Panning at Home

Even if we were to push aside all the restrictions and the impending threat of a highly infectious disease, there is something that bagged paydirt offers to panners which is just as relevant in 2021 as it will be in the near future when everyone has been properly immunised against the virus. Paydirt in a bag allows panners to stay in touch with their hobby even when work, family life and other responsibilities are keeping them away from pursuing their favourite hobby at a real location.

Until the adventures resume, or you find the time to go on another panning hike through your favourite spots, that bag of gold bearing dirt will keep you happily occupied. Just be sure to go with a brand that has made a name for itself in this field and not just a random company with no real presence in the market.


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