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Designed after the Roman Pantheon, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial has much significance to the United States of America, just as its foremost memorial to the nation’s third president. Thomas’ memorial, known to be a major landmark and a genuine Neoclassical architectural adaptation of Washington DC’s monumental core, its installation agrees with the 1901’s McMillan Commission plan. Regarded as among the popular and largest memorials in Washington DC, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial structure serves as the southern anchor of the city’s monumental plan. Other major monumental plans of the state’s capital including the following

  • Washington Monument
  • White House
  • The Capitol
  • Lincoln Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial building was in commemoration of Thomas Jefferson, who lived from 1743 to 1826. He was known as an architect and the major author of the U.S. Declaration, including an advocate for the nation’s independence, not that but also a self-spiritual freedom. The memorial building in honour of Jefferson, coupled with its classical calmness, reflects the Tidal Basin. The Japanese ornaments cherry trees also framed it as one of the recognized and popular images throughout Washington DC, the country’s capital.

A visit to the country’s capital requires you to pay a visit to this monumental site as well. Still, before you travel to the United States as an international traveller, there are things you should understand. With the application of ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), citizens that have their country fall under the United States Visa Waiver Program can apply for it as it is an added advantage for you.

This enables you to remain in the States for about three months even when you have not applied for a visa. If you meet up with usa travel esta eligibility requirements, you need to tender your application online before starting your journey to the states. The ESTA application can be made at any time, which is fully online based. However, the submission of this form should be made within three days of your flight.

After submitting your ESTA application, you should check your esta application status to determine if it has been approved. Should you have a turndown in your application, you can also apply for a visa at the United States embassy but as a non-immigrant before you get to the airport.

How to apply for ESTA 

Applying for ESTA is very simple, convenient, and fast as the processing takes few hours to find out if it is granted or not. Here are simple things to know to apply

  • Answering of Disclaimers
  • Entering of information of the applicant
  • Entering personal info
  • Enter the information of traveling
  • Answer the questions of eligibility
  • Make payments

Thomas Jefferson Activities

There has been good documentation of the skills and abilities of Thomas Jefferson. Even though a list of what he achieved, listing the things he never achieved is quite easy, his activities concentrate more on a few of the few things known in his life and abilities. However, these activities can be used for people who have learned about him and the importance of his history.

Thomas’s correspondence was always scared of falling into the hands of the foes as a result of the wide range of prominent positions held. There times, Jefferson’s mails would be opened even when he is yet to read them. Due to this, he invented a device known as wheel cipher. This device is known for encoding and decoding letters. Only he, including people he prefers to have communication with, can know his written messages and the ones received. These activities may also help scholars in creating their means of decoding and encoding messages.

Restaurants near Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial does not only a nice place to see monumental and historical things but also provides visitors with the best place to wine and dine close to its location. However, if you have spent the whole day busy in Jefferson Memorial Park and you think it is time to feed on something, here are some of the restaurants near the park where you can enjoy yourself.

  • The Whiskey Charlie restaurant
  • Empress Lounge
  • Del Mar
  • Flippin’ Pizza
  • Captain white’s seafood
  • Mi Vida Restaurante
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop
  • Amity and Commerce
  • Round Robin Bar
  • Kith and Kin
  • Shake shack
  • Benjamin Bar and Lounge

Jefferson Memorial Park Pool

The Jefferson Park Pool is located within Jefferson Park. It is open to all and sundry, having a depth of 4 ft. – 10 ft. It has a measurable size of 25 yards and five lanes which require swimmers to be cautious when using it. The pool is always opened for visitors 24/7 from 8.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Where to park near Jefferson Memorial?

Parking in Jefferson Memorial Park can sometimes be inconvenient. No immediate parking spaces are provided close to the Jefferson except for a few spaces. In the general vicinity, there are three parking lots, and all are metered. Each of these lots needs a little hike to get to the main memorial itself. Along the Potomac River are parking lots A, B, and C, about a mile away. Only in the cherry blossom season (some days between the third month of the year and the middle of the fourth month of every year), parking spots are always available for you during those periods. Unfortunately, all other basic monumental buildings, including the Lincoln Memorial, are located here, about a mile away.

For the handicap metered parking, few metered spaces are available just beyond the Jefferson Memorial on Ohio drive. A certain amount of money is collected from vehicles parked here if it has no handicapped sticker. Travelers or visitors can use a free wheelchair as they are being offered to them once their I.D. is presented to the ranger information kiosk below Jefferson memorial.


Jefferson Memorial park is a great place to explore one of the great histories of America. Go alone or with family and visit all the attractions open to you. Get all the details and planning ready before beginning your trip to reduce the need for confrontations with the law. 

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