The Justice Department was censured for employing delay tactics in the Biden-Hur recordings in compliance with a judge’s directive

Anjali Jain
The DNC paid lawyers representing President Biden as he was under investigation over his possession of classified documents by Special Counsel Robert Hur.

On Friday, the Justice Department encountered censure for its defiance of a federal court order to accelerate the process of ascertaining whether or not to disclose recordings of presidential candidacy debates with former special counsel Robert Hur.
A month ago, advocacy organizations submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the recording, which precipitated the current situation.

CNN, Judicial Watch, and the Oversight Project of the Heritage Foundation have all submitted requests for the publication of the recordings, which have been subpoenaed unsuccessfully by congressional Republicans. FOIA requests from all three organizations were consolidated into a single lawsuit.

The Department of Justice stated in April that it would not comply with a subpoena issued by House Republicans, while maintaining that its cooperation with Congress regarding the Biden family investigation has been “extraordinary.” Representatives Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and James Comer, R-Kentucky, issued a threatening citation of contempt of Congress to Attorney General Merrick Garland in response to this development.

The U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., declared this week that an expedited briefing schedule would be established to litigate the release of the tapes. Republicans assert that the tapes will provide additional evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline and ineligibility for office.

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The Justice Department’s justifications for what Brosnan termed an August briefing schedule in the beginning were “absurd,” he said on Friday in an interview with Fox News Digital. Brosnan is an attorney and chief counsel for the Oversight Project. He stated that it is in the public interest to have the transcripts released promptly.

Brosnan stated that despite the consolidation of the FOIA lawsuits filed by the Oversight Project, Judicial Watch, and CNN, each plaintiff retains the ability to autonomously submit their own briefs and motions.
Brosnan further noted that the identical recordings were subpoenaed by Jordan and Comer’s committees, which also threatened Garland with contempt. He stated that this demonstrated that the litigation has already been briefed to the highest levels of the Justice Department.

“And so, it’s nonsense that they need time to prepare their legal arguments, given how the entire apparatus of the Justice Department, including the top levels are well aware of not only the congressional interest, but also the legal cases.”

Plaintiffs affiliated with Heritage filed a court motion on May 2 and obtained it by Fox News Digital. In the motion, they objected to the initial briefing schedule and referred to the FOIA case as “extraordinarily significant.”

“The Heritage Plaintiffs are prepared to allocate the necessary time to address this case as it requires.” It continued, “The Department of Justice ought to be willing to do the same,” adding that the DOJ “requires little time to prepare its papers.” Additionally, the plaintiffs lamented what they perceived as a “bemoan[ing]” on the part of the government regarding the requirement to consider the Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays.

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Judicial Watch referred to the objections raised by the Justice Department as “yet another flagrant cover-up” and a “political gambit” in a published response to the ruling.
Judge Timothy Kelly issued an order this week, the text of which was obtained by Fox News Digital. The order stated that the government must submit any oppositional petition for summary judgment, which is a motion to resolve claims without conducting a trial, no later than May 31st. Kelly’s order stipulated a number of additional expedited dates, including July 29 for the completion of all outstanding motions.

Regarding the criticism that the Justice Department has already fulfilled its obligation by disclosing the transcript of Hur’s interview, Brosnan argues that audiotapes and transcripts are contextually quite distinct, given Hur’s depiction of Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory” who would “be difficult to persuade prospective jurors to convict.”

“By utilizing the audio recording, the dispute regarding President Biden’s mental capabilities may be resolved,” he said, referring to the White House’s objection to the descriptions in Hur’s report.”President Biden himself has stated, ‘Watch me,’ in response to inquiries regarding his cognitive capacities. “We could settle this dispute immediately if we had the capacity to listen to him,” Brosnan stated.

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Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Boyton stated in a statement obtained by the Washington Times that CNN, the plaintiff, “is not entitled to any documents or information exempt from disclosure under the FOIA.” Acts of the DOJ, according to Boyton, did not contravene the FOIA or any other statute or provision.

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