The key things worth knowing about biomass energy


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Biomass energy has existed for many years and is one of the best sources of energy. During the time of early humans, they used biomass in a variety of forms to heat homes, cook their food, and many more. Besides providing heat, you can also use biomass to produce renewable electricity. 

Remember that biomass is a renewable energy that is generated from organic materials. It’s important to generate this renewable energy because it can fulfil the energy generation needs in the coming years. This post explains the key things worth knowing about biomass energy.

Understanding biomassw

Biomass is an animal matter or organic plant that energy generators use to produce energy. This can include several everyday things, such as trees, algae, trees, human waste, agriculture crops, and animal manure. 

The energy producers you may find at Utility Bidder can convert this animal matter or organic plant into multiple types of energy. They can burn it directly to generate heat or even convert it into liquids or gases for burning or electricity generation.

Remember that electricity that is produced from biomass can sometimes be known as bioenergy or biopower. That said, there are many uses and benefits of this biomass energy, so it’s important to choose the right energy supplier. 

How biomass works

As explained earlier, biomass which is a renewable source of energy has several benefits to your business or home. This is because this energy source supply can exist for many years. This is unlike fossil fuels that can sometimes take many years to form. It’s worth noting that biomass can grow and even re-grow quickly by using the photosynthesis process.

With photosynthesis, it can convert carbon dioxide as well as water into carbohydrates that feed plants. Therefore, burning biomass materials allows carbohydrates to go through a reaction process that can reconvert them into water and carbon dioxide and then release this energy that was captured by the plants from the sun.

biomass energy

Aside from this, biomass is different from the other forms of renewable energy. This is because when you burn it, it can release carbon dioxide that is considered to be a greenhouse gas back into the atmosphere. 

But some people believe that living plants receive carbon dioxide to help balance the emissions, so it may be a carbon-neutral resource. There are still some ongoing debates regarding this topic. 

Generating electricity from biomass  

There are several ways you can produce electricity from biomass. You can decide to use the burning process to generate electricity. When it comes to producing electricity from biomass, it usually works in the same way as producing electricity from coal. This process involves burning biomass to produce steam. This steam can then go over the turbine blades and they rotate to power a generator that generates electricity. 

Alternatively, you can also produce biomass electricity by converting biomass to gaseous fuels. Therefore, you need to put biomass in something with a high temperature and without oxygen. This generates a synthesis gas also called syngas that you can burn in a gas turbine or boiler to produce electricity.

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