The Latest Men’s Sneakers Trends That Are Everywhere in 2021


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Are you looking for the trendiest Men’s sneakers? Unsure of which style to pick?

Trends are a great way to amplify your style while keeping your wardrobe modern.

But with the number of sneakers on the market today, it can be hard to decide which ones to buy.

Keep reading for our guide on the best men’s sneakers trends for 2021 so you can find your new favourite pair of shoes.

Vintage Styles: One of the Most Popular Men’s Sneaker Trends

Arguably the most trendy shoe style on social media right now is the vintage style sneaker. These include Nike’s Daybreak sneakers and New Balance 574 sneakers.

Although you might think that vintage styles mean you have to go to a vintage store to get secondhand shoes, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Many brands continue to manufacture and sell their vintage styles, often with some additions for extra comforts, like Nikes sneakers.

If you’re wondering whether the shoe you’re looking at is a vintage style, take a look at whether the shoe is described as “classic” on the company’s website. Also, do a quick online search to see when the shoe model was first made.

Now that vintage styles are trending, you can be sure that there will be plenty of styles to choose from. 

Colour Blocking

One of the best Men’s sneakers trends to add a pop of colour to any outfit is colour-blocked sneakers. You can find styles ranging from neutral colour blocking such as white, cream, and black to vibrant colours like neon orange.

Colour-blocked Men’s sneakers aren’t just for men with a bold style. The trick is to make sure the sneakers fit your style. If you tend to wear lots of bright colours, then get a shoe that complements the colours you wear the most.

You might also want to consider wearing pants or a shirt in a more subdued colour to help your shoes stand out.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to wear so many loud colours that your clothes clash. Since colour-blocked shoes make such a statement, you want them to blend in, not get lost in the rest of your outfit.

If you prefer to wear more subdued colours but still want a colour-blocked shoe, a good option is to get a pair that have a neutral black or white background and a few splashes of colour here and there for added punch.

To get the best wear out of colour-blocked shoes, make sure to get colours that you actually like (and not just because they’re trendy). Also, get colours that are a complementary colour palette to the clothes you already own.

Sporty Shoes

Fans of gym shoes and comfortable sneakers will be happy to hear that sporty shoes are one of the biggest summer shoe trends. These are your favourite “practical sneakers” that fashion blogs and magazines used to say were only reserved for the gym.

To wear sporty shoes casually, pair them with some of your more luxurious clothes, such as polo shirts, tailored pants, and even blazers. 

What you don’t want to do is wear them with shorts or very loose-fitting jeans or pants. This will just look frumpy as sports shoes themselves are not very lean when compared to canvas Men’s sneakers.

But when you wear sporty shoes with some of your best clothes, you can add a casual flair to your outfit and get more wear out of those work blazers sitting in your closet.

And the best part? You won’t have to change your shoes between a day at the gym and a night on the town.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes aren’t just for the court. In fact, they make a great everyday shoe while also showing the world your love of basketball.

Although many basketball shoes come in high-top styles to protect players’ ankles when they’re on the court, they’re not the best option when it comes to everyday shoes.

Especially if you’re not wearing the right socks, the inside of the shoe can chafe against the top and back of your foot every time you take a step. 

Instead, opt for a lower-cut basketball shoe for the most comfort. Nike Air Force 1 is a popular choice, and since these are retro sneakers (from 1982, actually), you can guarantee that you’ll be on-trend.

Also, keep in mind that basketball shoes aren’t the best for running, as they’re made for very specific movements on the floor of a basketball court.

Instead, keep your basketball shoes for casual everyday wear and reach for your exercise shoes when going out for a jog.

Shoes With an Air Bubble

Air bubble shoes are a great choice of summer sneaker trends because their comfort lets you walk around for long periods of time. 

These shoes are often very comfortable because they’re lightweight and have a cushion of air right underneath your foot, which gives your foot and joints a gentle cushion each time you take a step.

Air bubble shoes are also in the category of what’s called cyclical trends, which means that the same style will be trendy again in the near future.

This means that even if your air bubble shoes go out of style, you’ll know that they’ll be trending again and you’ll still be able to wear them. For example, one of the first popular air bubble shoes was the Nike Air Max, which first came out in 1997.

You’ve no doubt heard of these shoes, see them being worn, and might even have a pair yourself. This speaks to the enduring popularity of these styles, meaning you’ll have a shoe that will last you through more than one trend.

Ready To Get Your New Favorite Pair of Trendy Sneakers?

Trending sneaker styles are a great way to revamp your style while keeping your wardrobe effortlessly modern. We hope this article gave you some inspiration for which men’s sneakers trends you’d like to buy in 2021. 

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out more blog posts from our fashion category.

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