The magic of colors in fashion – Trend colors this season


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Colors have always fascinated people. The production of certain tones used to be complex and expensive. Particularly precious pigments, such as the one obtained from the purple snail, were reserved for the rulers. Other signal colors served in the Middle Ages to exclude marginalized groups. But colors have not always been status symbols; people have always ascribed them a special effect. The Egyptians tried to heal the sick by wrapping them in different colored cloths. “Colors are deeds of light,” said Goethe and attributed not only a sensual but even a moral effect to them, which he elaborated on in his famous theory of colors.

Colors with great impact

We still know today that colors have a significant effect on human mood. In the advertising industry, colors are consciously used to guide consumers, create moods and arouse needs. Even flower shops refer to a kind of secret language of color theory.

For example, those who give away a rose express different feelings for the recipient depending on the color. Red roses are a sign of fiery love, while yellow roses can even indicate jealousy. Although everyone sees a slightly different color and perceives colors individually, there are considerable similarities in their perception and emotional classification. In color theory, however, a distinction is also made between warm and cold colors.
It’s not just the color itself that matters, but the undertone. The industry developed whole color worlds, according to which companies choose their logos and interior fittings. Color therapy even tries to cure physical illnesses with the help of colors. Everyone can use the power of colors for themselves.

Trend colors this season

Colors play a special role in fashion. Here the consumer can provide variety according to his mood, because an online fashion shop brings everything straight into the house. Colors that we wear on our own bodies are of course the most effective. They affect our own mood and that of the people around us.
Every season offers him new trends and fashion colors. At a time when we have to do without a lot, a bright yellow can lift the mood. So it’s no wonder it’s so popular this year. This color is reminiscent of the life force of the sun and conveys an optimism that nobody can escape. Even a piece of clothing or a tiny accessory can make even gray or black look happy and carefree. Such neutral basics even underline its luminosity. So it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to bring cheerfulness into your home.

The magic of colors in fashion

Colors from the range of red tones are also particularly popular this year. Red stands for dynamism and passion. If the world keeps standing still in lock down, a sweater, jacket or scarf in this color shows that the wearer has not lost any of her determination.

And pink has always been a shade that simply puts us in a good mood and enchants us. We associate her with seductive sweets and a carefree childhood. It leads us into the realm of fairytale princesses. The little girl brings her strength back to life in business women too. So it is not at all surprising when red and pink are now combined to achieve very special fashion effects.

Closing Notes: The magic of colors in fashion

These little joys of everyday life don’t have to cost a fortune when shopping online. Especially in a fashion online shop, the buyer can even save money.

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