Apple MacBook Pro 16: Who and why should buy it?


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Apple has always been introducing amazing products, Whether those are laptops, tablets, or phones. Its products have taken a different approach. And considered one of the leading electronics giants. One of the new and most sold laptops of Apple is the Apple MacBook Pro 16. It is one of the most advanced laptops ever for gamers, 3D designers and modelers, etc. Today we’re are gonna take a look at its features and specs. And get to know it. who can and should buy it.

When it comes to powerful and stunning laptops. So, MacBook Pro always on the list. If you want the best laptops for Maya 3D, for high-end gaming, 3D designing. Everyone recommends adding it to the list. Therefore, below we’re gonna see. What makes it a top-notch laptop for intensive purposes. And is it truly up to the mark for graphics-intensive works?

So, without wasting time, lets get straight into it!

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Some Paramount specs of Apple MacBook Pro 16:

Processor: (CPU)

The most important component of any laptop is its CPU. and what sort of processor has been used in the laptop. The MacBook Pro comes with an intel core i7 10th Gen Hexa-core processor. And for any graphics-intensive software or high-end gaming. The Recommended CPU is core i7 7th Gen or equivalent. And it has a much more powerful processor the is recommended in most cases. So, one thing is clear that. The processor is more than anough. And can easily handle any software and game. But let,s check the rest specs. If those are also up to the mark.

Graphics Card: (GPU)

Graphics card is important. If you are engaging with something of high resolution. For example. Graphical games like CSGO, or COD. or professional software like Maya 3D, 3DS Max, Adobe programs, etc. There is a pretty long list of graphics cards. And each is more powerful than another. The MacBook Pro comes with AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 6GB graphics card. Which after lots of research. We concluded, that It is some of the GPUs, that are recommended for gaming. And most of the gaming PC too. use the same graphics card. So, In short, Apple MacBook Pro is gonna be best for gamers.

RAM and storage:

RAM is important for multitasking. This laptop has 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Additionally, it comes with extra slots. So, that in the future you can upgrade the RAM easily. In the case of RAM. There is no issue with the laptop. But as long as the hard desk is concerned.

Here you get 512GB of SSD to store your pics, music, and videos, etc. The disk space may look low for many. However, at the same price, you can get the alternative. As 2TB of HDD. The 2TB of space is anough for many. But due to the old school hard disk. The system may not be much faster. Because, though SSDs come with less storage space. It processes data much faster than HDD. Therefore, it is better to have SSD in gaming laptops.

Look and style:

The look and style of the Apple computers have always been amazing. And so is the new MacBook Pro. This laptop comes with 17 inches big IPS 4k OLED display, particularly for gamers and designers. Because, the display technology used in it, is one of the best in the world.

The laptops come in silver color with highly slim body. So, if you take your laptops everywhere. This isn’t going to be any sort of issue for you. The fact is that Apple PCs might have drawbacks and inefficiencies in the build and specs. But in terms of look and style. I think, there is no other laptop in the world. That could compete it.

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So, In short, if you are going to buy this laptop, so you should have enough money. Because, with extra ordinary specs come extra charges. And this laptop is the one that fits every aspect.


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