More and more women now and then also use their boyfriend’s perfume or even buy a perfume for the man themselves, which they then only use for themselves. This “external use” has now developed into a real trend. Many of the perfumes for women are quite intrusive. Men’s perfumes, on the other hand, convince with subtle low notes. And so more and more manufacturers are jumping on this bandwagon and are increasingly concentrating on unisex fragrances.
Even science is behind this trend, because according to a recent study, women who wear a men’s perfume are better suited to situations like a job interview. You seem so much more serious and also more dynamic.

So, feel free to experiment with the scents of your loved one, because with male scent nuances you can support your own femininity with an interesting accent. And that’s how the fragrances should turn out: primarily supportive. Make sure that they don’t smell too masculine. A nuance is good, but not the full range. Just let yourself be inspired!


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