The portion of President Biden’s interview with CNN that was overlooked

Anjali Jain
President Joe Biden waves as he walks to board Air Force One, Thursday, May 9, 2024, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md.

During an exclusive one-on-one interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett on Wednesday, President Joe Biden generated news by providing insights into the United States’ economy and the ongoing question of whether it would continue to supply Israel with armaments.

Burnett inquired about the president’s sentiments regarding the economy while addressing polling data and the state of the economy. He noted that the cost of purchasing a property has doubled due to rising interest rates, real income has decreased as a result of inflation, and consumer confidence has declined.

When asked if he had sufficient time to reverse the situation before election day, Biden replied, “We have already done so… the polling data was inaccurate the entire time.”
Biden cited a survey from the University of Michigan indicating that the majority of respondents were content with their own economic standing. He stated, “They believe the nation is in poor shape, but they are in good shape personally.”

Biden stated in Wisconsin, where the interview was conducted, that he intends to expand the manufacturing sector. While endorsing the initiatives of his administration to foster employment expansion, recent surveys indicate that former President Donald Trump continues to command greater voter confidence in matters pertaining to the state of the economy.

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“If you take a look at what people have, you will see that they have the money to spend,” Biden said, condemning “corporate greed” for inflation and expressing his fury over it. According to CNN, he stated, “It angers both them and me that they are required to spend more.”
Biden stated that the American public should have faith in him rather than Trump to improve the economy. “He has never been successful in job creation, while I have never been unsuccessful. Biden stated, “I have created over 15 million jobs.”

CNN’s article analyzing the interview’s main points stated, “While Biden’s assertion of the creation of 15 million jobs in the United States during his administration is accurate, it fails to account for the substantial number of jobs that were temporarily lost as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
In response to pro-Palestinian activist criticisms

Anti-Israeli and anti-Hamas demonstrations have occurred in colleges throughout the nation. Some members of Biden’s party criticized his support for Israel, with some demonstrators referring to him as “genocide Joe.” Biden replied with a message directed at young Americans, “I certainly do receive the message.”

“The right to free speech and protest is constitutional.” They have the right to do so, as in addition to the legitimate right to do so. A legitimate right to use hate speech does not exist, however. One does not have justifiable grounds to intimidate Jewish pupils. One does not have a valid reason to restrict others’ entry to a classroom. That is prohibited by law.” Biden declared
Concerning the United States’ assistance in the Israel-Hamas War
Biden responded to the question of whether U.S. bombs have been employed to murder civilians in Gaza by stating, “Civilians have been killed in Gaza as a result of those bombs and other methods they employ to target population centers.”

Biden has threatened to suspend certain American arms shipments to Israel in the event that the Israeli military initiates an assault on Rafah. Biden’s statement to Israel that he would not support their military operation inside Rafah, a city in southern Gaza on the Egyptian border, has caused the United States to postpone the delivery of 2,000-pound munitions.

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Israel has stated that an incursion into Rafah, where captives are reportedly being held, is essential to defeating Hamas.
Biden stated, “I made it clear that in the event that they enter Rafah—which they have not yet entered—if they enter Rafah, I will not provide the weapons that have historically been used to combat Rafah and the cities associated with that issue.”

Although Biden has maintained a consistent stance in support of Israel’s actions against Hamas, the president was compelled to reconsider his stance after hearing rumors of Israeli military operations targeting Rafah, a refugee camp for over a million Palestinian civilians.
“We have no intention of abandoning Israel’s security.” “We are removing obstacles to Israel’s ability to wage war in those regions,” Biden stated, as reported by CNN.

Biden also stated that he will safeguard Israel’s security by assuring support for Iron Dome air defense systems; however, if a significant ground invasion of Rafah takes place, all other shipments will cease.
His remarks regarding halting arms sales to Israel drew opposition from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, including Utah Senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney.

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Romney remarked on X, “We support our allies without second-guessing them.” “Biden’s vacillation regarding Israel’s armaments is a disgraceful show of support for the international community, Israel, and our allies.”
When discussing the ‘threat’ posed by Trump,

Burnett concluded the interview by relaying a quotation attributed to Trump that pertained to the result of the election. “I gladly accept the results if everything is honest,” Trump said. “However, if that is not the case, you must fight for the rights of the nation.”
Biden replied, “I assure you he won’t,” which implies that he is certain Trump will not concede to the election result.
Biden stated, “You cannot only love your country when you win.”

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