The Republican Party condemns the USPS Postmaster General appointed by Trump

Anjali Jain
Trump-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is pictured during a hearing of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations and Federal Workforce in Washington, D.C. on May 17, 2023. A group of 26 U.S. senators, including 13 Republicans, sent DeJoy a letter this week demanding that he pause his "Delivering for America" plan over concerns that the cost-cutting measures are delaying or eliminating critical deliveries in some parts of the country.

Republican lawmakers have expressed atypical disapproval towards Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, an individual nominated by former President Donald Trump in the final year of his term, due to his management of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

This week, DeJoy received a letter from a group of 26 U.S. senators, thirteen of whom are Republicans representing states with substantial rural areas. In the letter, the senators demanded that DeJoy “immediately improve service” and “restore status quo operations to the greatest extent feasible” in areas where his cost-cutting initiatives have caused substantial delivery delays.

The senators contended that in regions where USPS service was recently altered as part of DeJoy’s “Delivering for America” initiative, there have been “critical delays for overnight delivery mail,” and in some areas, “essential mail such as laboratory tests and medications” has been “eliminated” from the possibility of being delivered on time.

In addition to cautioning that “local and rural service could be degraded” by measures such as mandating that outgoing mail be processed at out-of-state centers, senators expressed skepticism that DeJoy’s plan would increase “efficiency or costs” in general.

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DeJoy was strongly encouraged to suspend the plan and seek a “comprehensive” advisory opinion from the Postal Regulatory Commission prior to implementing any additional modifications.
The letter from the senators states, “The Postal Service’s primary responsibility is to ensure timely and dependable delivery to every community in the nation.” “It must proceed with caution and understand the implications of its plans in order to protect mail delivery for all communities.”

Friday evening, Newsweek contacted the USPS via email requesting comment.
The geographical scope of USPS delay complaints has extended beyond rural regions. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff has engaged in recurring disputes with DeJoy regarding late deliveries in the Atlanta metropolitan area. On Thursday, Ossoff demanded an update in a letter that was notably eloquent in tone.

During a Thursday meeting of the USPS Board of Governors, DeJoy defended his plan, stating that “no growth strategy” and “no path to financial self-sustainability” existed prior to his assumption of control.
“We recognize that there have been impacts to our customers,” DeJoy indicated. “We apologize for these conditions and are working hard and know that we will soon be delivering the service the American people deserve.”

“That said, we have and will continue to work tirelessly to improve our service for our constituents and ask for your patience and understanding as we work to bring the Postal Service up to the standard we know it can reach within the time limits we have for survival,” according to him.
In contrast to the Republican senators who endorsed the letter and refrained from discussing DeJoy on social media, certain Democrats expressed further criticisms and urged the board of governors to exercise its power to dismiss him via posts on X, which was formerly Twitter.

Democratic Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto wrote, “Postmaster General DeJoy has flat-lined on numerous occasions to address our concerns regarding the @USPS proposal to relocate our mail processing to California.” “We’re calling on the Board of Governors to conduct its oversight role to stop this nonsense plan and hold DeJoy accountable.”

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“Many individuals have inquired as to why [President Joe] Biden cannot simply fire DeJoy,” wrote Wisconsin Democratic Congressman Marc Pocan. “Unfortunately, the USPS Board of Governors has the final say.” We may persist in criticizing DeJoy and exerting continued pressure on the Board to find a suitable successor.
Since assuming the position, DeJoy’s management of the USPS has been subject to severe scrutiny. Critics have pointed to allegations that he suppressed mail-in voting in an effort to aid Trump in the 2020 election, his initial resistance to adopting electric vehicles, and the subsequent deceleration of service during his tenure.

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