The trial judge for Trump’s fraud retaliates to the defense counsel, stating, “That entire strategy is getting old”

Anjali Jain
A courtroom sketch depicts former Trump Organization chief financial officer testifying in a criminal tax fraud trial in New York in 2022 (REUTERS)

An impending final judgment is anticipated from the presiding judge in the extensive civil case involving Donald Trump’s fraud, which has the potential to cause significant harm to the former president’s family business and brand-building real estate empire.
If he can ascertain whether or not one of the co-defendants of Mr. Trump committed a lie in his courtroom.
Judge Arthur Engoron is pressuring the Manhattan district attorney, the state attorney general’s office, and Trump attorneys to divulge “anything” they can regarding the rumored plea bargaining between New York City prosecutors and former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg in exchange for his testimony in the civil fraud trial.

The judge wishes to know whether Weisselberg is currently “admitting he lied under oath in my courtroom during this trial,” he wrote to attorneys last week. He stated, “In a case of this magnitude, I do not wish to disregard anything,” according to court documents.
The request was described by attorneys for Mr. Trump’s adult sons and co-defendants as “unprecedented, inappropriate, and troubling.”
Alina Habba, who does not serve as Weisselberg’s criminal defense attorney but does represent him in the civil case, declined to furnish the judge with any details regarding his plea bargaining and stated that no additional action was required.
According to court documents, she wrote that a New York Times article reporting Weisselberg’s plea negotiations is “neither admissible nor reliable, and it should not be considered in Your Honor’s determination as to the merits of this case.” “We strongly urge you to base your decision exclusively on the evidence that is presently in your possession.”
Attorney Chris Kise for Mr. Trump stated in a separate statement that “court decisions should be founded upon the evidence presented during the trial, rather than on conjecture generated by the media.”
The judge lashed back at defense attorneys on Thursday.
“When I submitted my specific, direct inquiry for information regarding potential perjury by Allen Weisselberg in the aforementioned case, my intention was not to spark an extensive discussion with counsel,” he composed. “However, your deceptive reply significantly distorts the essence of the letter I penned; as a result, I am obliged to provide a reply.”
He asserted that they were engaging in a straw-man argument against him because he accepted the article’s contents as fact. However, he added that he would conduct research and evaluate the legal ramifications if Weisselberg “publicly confesses to having committed perjury regarding a significant matter in the case before me, or if he pleads guilty to such perjury at any time prior to issuing my final decision.”
“Since the early stages of this case, you and your co-counsel have presumably questioned my impartiality on the grounds that I occasionally render decisions against your clients,” he further stated. “That entire strategy is becoming stale.”
The judge informed the defense counsel that “the case will not be reopened.”
Conversely, he stated, “I desire to be informed if an individual enters a guilty plea to perjury during my presidency of a case.”
A former top financial lieutenant of Mr. Trump was incarcerated for one hundred days on Rikers Island in 2018 subsequent to his guilty plea for tax-related offenses in 2022. Additionally, he participated in a tax fraud trial that included two subsidiaries of the Trump Organization, making them among the initial Trump-affiliated entities to receive criminal convictions. The Trump Corporation and the Trump Payroll Corporation were found guilty by a New York City jury on over a dozen charges and fined $1.6 million.
Weisselberg additionally provided testimony during the civil fraud trial, wherein state attorneys questioned him regarding his awareness of statements of financial condition, which are the central documents in the litigation.
In an effort to secure favorable financing terms for some of his brand-building properties, those documents allegedly contained grossly inflated valuations of Mr. Trump’s assets and net worth, according to a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James.
According to her office, Ms. James is pursuing the recovery of $370 million in alleged “ill-gotten gains” that the defendants would not have acquired had they incorporated precise valuations of his fortune into the aforementioned documents.
In addition, sanctions suggested by Ms. James’s office would permanently bar him from the state’s real estate sector.
Following the expiration of the judge’s initial deadline of January 31 for a final judgment in the case, a New York courts spokesperson informed The Independent that a final decision could be anticipated around mid-February at the latest.
That was prior to the announcement of Weisselberg’s possible plea bargain.
Both a counsel for Weisselberg and a spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney’s office have been contacted by The Independent for comment.
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