The Various Designs And Styles Of Western Shirts For Men


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The western shirts men are a visible form of the American look. Its most prominent features are flap, dual pockets on the front chest portion, western yoke extending in front, and the snap buttons completing the look. This can be applied to any fabric or combine two of them to form a single shirt. Typically, it is seen that chambray or denim could be as the base fabric, and on that, it could either have a plain weave or designs with the same heft.

Following the new trends, it may take a modern look but the hallmarks of the traditional ones remain the same for all. There are a variety of styles and designs of these western shirts men. The design can also be customized. Search for the best shirt designers to do this job perfectly.

Western Shirt for Men
Western Shirt for Men

Parts of a Shirt:

Let us see the elements of the western shirts whether it is a modern or a vintage style. Though the time has changed but it will generally have the elements mentioned below:

  • Western Style Yoke- This is one of the most common elements that are found in the western shirts men. To be specific the back yoke is the element that helps to distinguish between a common and a western-style shirt. It is curved in shape and prominently found in modern shirts.
  • Snap- These are simply a category of buttons assembled in the front placket and on the cuffs. The western shirts men are kept open without any closures. So the snaps are visible very easily. They are made in a variety of designs like a pearl snap or stars studded with diamonds.
  • Cuffs- A western shirt has a cuff either with a button or a snap to close. Cuffs are bordered with piping and seen prominently in the vintage style. There is more than one closure seen in this type of shirt.

Feature of western shirt men:

Western shirts incorporate thread decoration or embroidery on them. These shirts come in an ample number of styles and designs from floral to simple one colour shirts. Generally, embroidery is done on the front portion and the back of yoke but can also be done on the cuffs and sleeves. Wearing anything and roaming around is the latest fashion. No one gets shocked anymore but seeing a person wearing tri-colour clothes. Saddle stitching is one of such methods where two pieces of material are stitched together to form western shirts men. The contrasting colours make it eye catching. This adds a character to the western look.

Then comes piping which is a raised part of the shirt that represents a string and is designed in a contrasting color so that it could be highlighted. It borders the yoke, the collars and the cuffs. These are commonly seen in vintage-styled western shirts.

When we talk about prints then there are two broad printing ways. One is the wallpaper prints and the other is the border prints. Wallpaper prints shirts are also in trend today. It is considered to have all over design. Especially, complete floral design or paisley. On the other hand, the border prints create a unique design on the chest portion of the shirt. The designs are inspired by landscapes. This print brings in an essence of western heritage and themes on the western shirts men.

Such shirts are popular for their embellishments. Like the rhinestones also known as border decorations or the fringe which is stitched at the front and back portions of the shirts. You order a shirt online or visit the nearest store.


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