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just as there are trends in color and fashion trends are not only reflected in the furnishing but in plants and flowers with which we beautify our home . So we took a look around for the biggest flower trends of the year.

The flower trends of 2021 leave plenty of room for creativity and craftsmanship. Of course, the colors are not neglected, which lift the mood and brighten the mind, something that people can also use after the dark months of the corona pandemic. The flower trends of the year are so colorful and with the right materials it is not at all difficult to let your creativity run free to create the perfect flower design for interiors.
The Craspedia is in great demand for this purpose, as these round, bright yellow balls embody cozy and sunny warmth in the form of small mini suns. Even when these flowers dry up, they neither lose their color nor their beautiful round shape and are therefore so popular for harmonious room design.

Retreats in your own four walls should serve to allow body, mind and soul to fully relax and regenerate. Flowers play a crucial role as a feel-good factor, but also to be able to switch off and enjoy properly at any time. As a prime example of flowery beauty, the clematis flowers caress the soul in a self-furnished relaxation zone at home. Therefore, of course, this flowery beauty should not be missing.

Flowery trends of the year bring a lot of variety through changing colors. Bright, bright colors increase the joie de vivre and vitality at the sight. The flower trends 2021 create little moments of happiness in everyday life in a light and informal manner. This creates arrangements full of humility and harmony in the evolutionary cycle with its infinite variety. In addition to the colorful aspects, the earthly connection is also a decisive flower trend in 2021. Because Mother Earth stands for the fact that new life will grow out of her and the old and gloomy will be a thing of the past.

Floral tones in rich orange come into their own when they appear on an earth-brown background. It is precisely this contrast that describes and defines the flower trends of 2021 in a special way. Because mystical tones are rather atypical for spring , but it is precisely this floral flexibility and the open-mindedness for new impulses in the beautification and design of rooms with flowers. So it can be a little more daring and unusual than was the case with floral trends of past years.

Unfortunately, many people do not always treat the most valuable treasure humanity has at their disposal with respect, namely nature. But the flower trends of 2021 show how strongly the well-being of us humans is actually directly related to the plant world. Ultimately, it is about looking at this unique and fascinating green world with appreciation and drawing inspiration from it in a variety of ways when using plants in the interior

In the trendy botanical style, expressive flower dreams can be created as green unique items, which with all their diversity and flexibility come across as a bit mysterious, but can fill the room with an incredible amount of warmth and life. Floral design in rooms should always be geared towards simply leaving the hectic and stress of everyday life behind in order to make space for a creative process. This is how flowers are turned into unique handcrafted workpieces in the trendy new ikebana retro trend. This floral design from the Far East particularly stands for inner balance and equilibrium and thus also for people’s desire to calm down the vegetative nervous system, which is often out of balance.

Nothing can brighten our minds better than light-flooded rooms. Everything looks fresh and pure when it is accompanied by the right flowers. So if you want to conjure up a fascinating timelessness in your rooms, you should try it with white flowers, also an exciting flower trend of the year 2021. This unique floral character is emphasized even better together with light and light materials.

The flower trends of 2021 are also based on generally applicable social trends of the future. Experts agree that more and more at any cost will soon be a thing of the past. Instead, there will be a new awareness, according to the motto less is more. Be authentic, make conscious consumption decisions, only buy what is really needed and finally get away from the throw-away mentality, these are the megatrends that will also have an impact on the floral trends of 2021.

High-quality workmanship, style and quality of the floral products are particularly important if they are to provide indoor enjoyment for as long as possible. It is not without reason that dried flowers in all their diversity and diversity are celebrating a big comeback in 2021. Particular emphasis is placed on floral materials, which dry out easily without any great effort or expense.

The floral wreath as a work form is particularly popular, whereby flexibility, creativity as well as a wealth of topics and variants can come to the fore in a very individual way. When creating flower wreaths, you can play thematically in all directions. It has been shown that African dried flowers in particular can produce particularly beautiful arrangements in the shape of a wreath.

And right now, when supplies cannot be obtained from the local flower shop, it is particularly worthwhile to switch to online flower shops and order flowers. In addition to the flower trends we have presented, if you order flowers for someone else, you should also pay attention to the color preferences of the recipient. Especially when it comes to birthday wishes, it is better to order your favorite flowers than the latest flower trends.

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